Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Fish on Pooh!!!!

I was asked to make a quilt by a previous patient's baby boy. I know how much the daddy loves to fish and he requested Pooh, so I was on the lookout for Pooh fishing. I found the picture of Pooh, but not on fabric, so I printed it out on fabric myself.
Then I added a paperpieced trout jumping out of the water.
I love it and hope they love it too.

I did a large meandering quilt design so the quilt isn't too stiff.

The back is flannel so cozy warm and soft.

Second quilt finish of 2024, I am on a roll!!!!!

Take care and happy Quilting!! Martha


Saturday, January 27, 2024

"Oh The Places We'll Go" and Bailey

I started this quilt about 10 years ago. WHAT!!!! Yes, seriously. It was a jelly roll race at quilt guild. So much fun!!! Mine was not from a jelly roll. I used white and all the 2" strips I'd already cut for watercolor quilts.
It just took me awhile to figure out how to finish it! hahahahahahahahahaha

I painted the words using fabric paint and stencils.

I looked online to find the perfect Shasta camper and 1953 Chevy pickup.

And finally found a good picture of my little Bailey to put in the window. I bought some of that photo fabric that you put through the printer.
I used to make my own and adhere the fabric to freezer paper but my printer will no longer accept it.
Next step is to get the applique hand-sewn to the top and I can get quilting on it.
I have my favorite batting on it's way, Quilter's Dream Wool!!! Love that stuff.

Happy Quilting friends!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

"My Favorite Jeans" is done

I finished quilting my little "denim" quilt and have it hanging in the new to us family room. This was my craft/sewing/quilting room and I decided that I really wanted a formal, roomy, dining room. 
So I switched rooms.
My sewing room was the grandkids room, then a sitting room. It isn't roomy but I am making it work!

At the far end of the dining room is our family room area. I have games in the old cabinet and a comfy futon that turns into a full size bed when folded down.
My husband bought me the little fake wood stove that is actually a heater which is perfect for warming up the space.

The new dining/family room!!
I LOVE having space for the family and friends to gather and eat!!!



Take care and thanks for the visit!!!


Saturday, January 13, 2024

New Years Resolution at work!!!


My New Years resolution is to finished unfinished projects.
It has taken me awhile to get back the joy of creating, sewing, quilting since the death of my sweet little Bailey.
The more I look back at the last six months of her life the more I can see how much she was struggling and it just breaks my heart.
She is no longer in pain and that is probably the only comfort I can find so far.
time to get back to the sewing room!!!

I started this little quilt many moons ago and it is going to get finished this weekend!!!

It will be so great to get another project out of the to-do pile!!!

Before I started back on this I was making interchangeable collars for my grandson's other grandmother. It is a project that has been sitting here for several months, but I just could not get started on it.
I am happy to announce that they are done!!!
I used this collar she had as the pattern and made three more out of fur fabric she bought. 

Needless to say, I have fur everywhere!!!

I also pinned a really old quilt top!!! So that will be next on the agenda.

We are having a freezing rain storm this weekend, so I am not venturing outside at all. Luckily I have plenty to do inside.

Thanks for the visit and I hope you are all well.
Happy Quilting!!!

Monday, December 11, 2023

It's been a rough summer and fall here!!!

 This sweet little girl was sick starting in June and through the fall. She saw the vets frequently and only during a 10 hour focal seizure did we learn what was actually happening. 

She was diagnosed with Polycythemia and it was advanced. Now looking back I can see that she was having many symptoms.

The treatment would have been too harsh on this little 4 pound baby girl. I researched it, the vets both told me the same, as did the medical Dr. who I worked with for 24 years.

It still hurts my heart that we made the decision to let her cross that rainbow bridge. I was with her holding her to the end.

I cry daily and it's been over 4 weeks now. But I know we did what was best for her. She was getting so sick almost daily, no energy, would cry. 

Someday, when it's my turn to leave this earthly world, I hope God will allow me to be with her again along with the rest of my family.

I will see you later Dear Bailey, love you my girl πŸ’“πŸ•πŸ’“

Sunday, July 30, 2023



I have all my projects in little cubbies in the sewing room. With so many, 18 to be exact, it can be hard to find the one item I am looking for,

So the other day I made labels using cardstock and painters tape to attach the labels. Now I know where pretty much everything is. Some cubbies have all my buttons, some have UFO's, one has finished tops just waiting to be quilted. Two are for a class I help teach at church. One has all my wool and another my felt.

Labeling the cubbies is going to help so much and save me time and frustration. SO NICE!!!!

How do you keep your quilt/sewing room organized??

AND, I pulled out a little quilt that still needs a lot of micro quilting, so maybe I can get this one done this summer!!!

Hapy Quilting!!! and re-organizingπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Monday, June 5, 2023

The Forever Quilt


This pattern is called Bento Box and it's my granddaughters quilt that she started many years ago. She ended up moving, then she joined the army, got married, had a baby, moved to Texas.


So I am going to finish machine quilting it. Just using the walking foot and stitching in the ditch. She could do it as I gave her a sewing machine to take to Texas with her. However, we never discussed how to make the binding. 
So I will finish the quilt including the binding, and someday we can hopefully get together so I can teach her how to finish a quilt. Maybe work on a small wallhanging together.

I use a craft table when I'm quilting larger quilts so the weight doesn't pull the quilt off the table while I'm trying to sew.

So much better!!!!

Here is the quilt pattern. It's really sweet and simple and beautiful.

So that is the agenda for awhile, get this quilt finished and mail it to Texas!!!

Take care
Happy Quilting