Sunday, September 5, 2021

T-shirt quilt and a Miniature living room

Happy Sunday Morning friends.

WOWZA-it has been a long time since I have been on my blog. Life has become so chaotic and tiring  for me that trying to fit everything in has been a challenge.

I have continued to work through this pandemic and that has it's own challenges. I am a nurse in an addiction/chronic pain clinic, so work is a must.

This is what I am working on in the quilting world of me, a T-shirt quilt for a former co-worker. She had a huge quilt made from these t-shirts and about another 30!!! Seriously, it was the biggest quilt I had ever seen and un-usuable because it was so big and heavy. She wanted me to cut it in half and I had it for along  time and could not do that, it would have cut through many of her beloved t-shirts.

So I cut each t-shirt out and she helped me unquilt them, what a horrible job that was. Long story short, I had the project for years, just could not get to it, so she finally asked for it back. I gave it back but kept these t-shirts and I am happy to say that this quilt is close to a finish. whew!!! Not a fun job at all.

I will be SO GLAD to have it done and out of here so I can move on to another unfinished quilt!!!

My current non-quilting project consists of watching YouTube videos on how to make miniatures and I am having a blast. It really makes me happy and feeds that OCD part of me!!! hahahahahahahahaha

Anyway, out of foam board came the sweetest little couch. Now I need to design a matching chair.

Serously, how cut is this couch??? It is all glued!!!

I had to make a couple pillows for it of course, comfort is important.

And then it needed a lamp, I made it during my lunch at work from Origami YouTube video I found, and that is a cotton tip applicator for the pole, a long q-tip.

Then I made a little end table. I have been brainstorming on a coffee table design.

I found a YouTube video for making glasses, so here are my readers,hahahahahahaha

And there you go, a sweet little living room with a puppy and cat included. You can see a table lamp and coffee cup that I created on my own too.

 Right now, today, I am awaiting Covid-19 results from Friday for me as one of my co-workers who I work closely with had a positive test result, BUMMER!!! I have had the vaccine but so had they!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to miss our sons employee picnic yesterday because not knowing and going is NOT OK. So many people don't care if they have it or not and are infecting others, so wrong and bad.

Well, enough for today. 

I pray that you are all well and continue to stay well. May our Dear Lord Bless You and Your Family.


Sunday, April 25, 2021

Working on another miniature house!!! SO FUN!!!

Yes indeed, I am making another miniature from a kit. This is so darn fun, seriously. I really need to get back to my quilting as I have one that was supposed to be done the end of March!!! EEEEK>

Well, it is not done, but next on the list. There has just been so much going on and I am overwhelmed with it all. I find rest when I work on these miniatures. Don't know why. 

Anyway, how cute it this???!!! It will be for my little granddaughter who is 7. All the kitchen pieces and really everything will be glued down otherwise things would go missing. She can still play with it with her little Polly Pockets. How fun will that be???

This one has six rooms, so two down and four to go including a staircase to the upper floor. I just love it! We did paint the refrigerator. It was a yellowish color and did not match the rest of the house, so pink it is.

 That is it for now, take care and see you again soon I hope, Martha

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Quilted Bookmarks


I am working on these stain-glass bookmarks for several people who have been going through RCIA at church. All four will become official members of the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil.

Once I quilt them all they will be a bit smaller in size, so will look a little more normal
You can see the satin stitch on the one above on the right. All five below have been stitched.

I'm thinking of printing "I Am The Bread Of Life" on the backs, but not quite there yet. I need to get them done quickly as i have just 9 days left!!!

That is all for now folks!!! Martha

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Chapstick holder/scrapbuster project/easily find that chapstick

These are really easy and fun to make!!! And handy for easily finding your chapstick!!!
So many fabric combinations using scraps!!!

I got a little carried away with all the combinations!!

 I ended up with a huge pile of scraps to make more, but seriously, I have so many other things I need to be doing.

Here they are finished with a cute little flower heart charm on them and an extra ring in case the new owners would like to turn them into key chains.

I even saved one for myself 😉

Hope you are all well
God Bless


Sunday, January 31, 2021

Vintage Quilt repair

I am no expert on repairing vintage quilts but I am giving it another try. This quilt belongs to my 80 year old neighbor Fran. Her grandmother made this beauty. It had a lot of damage, but no so much that it could not be saved.

We decided together to cover the damage with hearts that match the sashing. Some areas were very large to I first pieced together several hearts together to make a big patch and then hand appliqued them on. 

I think it worked great. It is SO tricky appliquing an already completed quilt. You have to be very careful to not let your thread show on the back!!!!

Isn't it a beauty? So sweet. Next week is one of Fran's grand-daughters birthday and this will be hers. All I have left to do is cover the entire top sashing as it is shredding the entire length. I wish there was another way, butI think it will be ok and it will definitely stop the damage from progressing.

 I hope to complete this today and then I can get back to work finishing a dress for my granddaughter. It just needs buttons and button holes and I need to make a matching dress for her doll!!!

Happy sewing and quilting friends. I hope you have a lovely week!! Stay strong, stay safe and God Bless each and everyone of you!!!


Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Re-quilting? Is that a word??

This is one that I call Seminole Sunset. I made it years and years ago before I knew anything about machine quilting. 

You can see that I stitched in the ditch. And that was about it.

So, I took the binding off and have started doing some machine quilting. I did not remove my previous quilting because. Well, just because.

Hopefully this adds some charm to this little wall hanging.

Updates will follow!!!


Happy Quilting!!! Martha

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Not much sewing going on but I did make this little miniature


These are not in order, but hopefully you can see how little this kit it!!! I am planning on taking it to work today for the patients to enjoy. I did have fun making it and it was a great distraction from all the heartache out there in the world.

I am working on another one now. A little bigger and doing it with my little seven year old granddaughter. It will be slow going because I want her to be a part of every part of the construction.

OK, now back to sewing and quilting!!! Take care my Friends,