Thursday, May 2, 2024

Mini Wallets

I've been working on some mini wallets these past several days. I had two requests for new wallets from friends then decided to make a couple for my Etsy store and then more gifts. So I have been pretty busy cutting and sewing these. Fifteen layers in total as I use double fusible to put all the layers together. I added some EMF fabric to shield vital information on credit and debit cards. I am really enjoying constructing these. I really love the quilted yellow bee wallet but the denim wallets I think will hold up better to constant use. Right now I am working on matching Peace wallets for a friend and her grand-daughter. I will also make a denim crossover bag for my friend for her birthday out of an old denim pair of jeans of her husbands. I have until the end of June to finish but since I am a bad procrastinator I decided to get started with it now. I have too many things I want to do everyday that I am having a hard time prioritizing!!! hahahahahahahahahaha OK, better get some things accomplished today, take care, Martha


  1. Very nice! The jeans one, most especially. :)

    1. Thank you Cat!! I am doing another work jean, Carhartt wallet for my grandson. The jeans are his dad's old work pants so he is pretty happy to have a wallet out of them!!!


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