Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Special time with my great-granddaughter

 My granddaughter started this quilt maybe 10 years ago!!! During that time she entered the army, got married, had a baby girl. So she has been really busy.

Yesterday she came over with her little one and worked on her forever quilt, machine quilting on my Juki.

And I got to have some one on one time with my great-granddaughter. It was a great day.

You can see my granddaughter in the background quilting.
And check out that serious face on our GGD!!!💟

Bailey didn't know what to think about the little human!!!

My favorite photo by far, the two checking each other out closely!!!

We made some progress on the quilting. Next time she is down in our area we will work on it again. I have a sewing machine for her to take when the family moves to Texas. I need to get it cleaned and serviced so it will be ready for the long trek to the new home.

Hope you enjoyed the photos!!!
Take care

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