Sunday, April 25, 2021

Working on another miniature house!!! SO FUN!!!

Yes indeed, I am making another miniature from a kit. This is so darn fun, seriously. I really need to get back to my quilting as I have one that was supposed to be done the end of March!!! EEEEK>

Well, it is not done, but next on the list. There has just been so much going on and I am overwhelmed with it all. I find rest when I work on these miniatures. Don't know why. 

Anyway, how cute it this???!!! It will be for my little granddaughter who is 7. All the kitchen pieces and really everything will be glued down otherwise things would go missing. She can still play with it with her little Polly Pockets. How fun will that be???

This one has six rooms, so two down and four to go including a staircase to the upper floor. I just love it! We did paint the refrigerator. It was a yellowish color and did not match the rest of the house, so pink it is.

 That is it for now, take care and see you again soon I hope, Martha


  1. Very nice! I can understand the gluing down of parts, but I know me too well, I would end up with said parts glued to my person! :/

  2. I've always been fascinated by miniature rooms and houses, though I didn't know that kits were available! It's obvious you're having great fun, and that's what counts. But only a sweet little girl granddaughter would appreciate and enjoy such a thing. Count your blessings! I have four grandsons. :-)


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