Sunday, July 30, 2023



I have all my projects in little cubbies in the sewing room. With so many, 18 to be exact, it can be hard to find the one item I am looking for,

So the other day I made labels using cardstock and painters tape to attach the labels. Now I know where pretty much everything is. Some cubbies have all my buttons, some have UFO's, one has finished tops just waiting to be quilted. Two are for a class I help teach at church. One has all my wool and another my felt.

Labeling the cubbies is going to help so much and save me time and frustration. SO NICE!!!!

How do you keep your quilt/sewing room organized??

AND, I pulled out a little quilt that still needs a lot of micro quilting, so maybe I can get this one done this summer!!!

Hapy Quilting!!! and re-organizing😉😉😉


  1. Hi Martha, love that Bento Box quilt...such a pretty one. And yes to all this wonderful organization. I just went through a similar process and have been enjoying it ever since.

    1. Thank you Jocelyn!! It does make working in the sewing/quilting room easier when it is organized.

  2. You're very organized now. Yay for doing that! Feels good, doesn't it? I have labeled bins too. Even labeled shelves in my closet! Though things get messy, I can pretty much find everything, so that's the point, right? No contest when it comes to quilt tops to finish! I have four large quilts awaiting quilting. I plan to tackle each, one by one, starting next week. So glad you're finishing that little quilt with the gorgeous quilting. You're really good at DMQ, and this will be a fantastic finish.

    1. Thank you Linda!!! I now have a cubbie with qult tops that need quilting. Once I finish my grand-daughters quilt and this little one I will start on the quilts in the box!! That way I will also free up some space! Perfect.
      Glad you have yours labels too, sure makes it easier to work and saves time too.


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