Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Distractions are numerous!!!

So this is where I am in my little quilt. Still have a lot of hours left, but it is getting there.

This is what I have been working on mostly, painting and cutting little wooden crosses and doves and tiles for Easter gifts for the class I help teach at church.

I am gluing the tiles to the glass of the frames. 

Hopefully the recipients will enjoy their gifts!!!

I've also been out in the garden and clearing out the pond!!
Lots of things to do these days!!

Take care,



  1. Oh Martha! The stuff you're working on is fabulous! I mean... you're PAINTING with thread to quilt that little quilt! It's incredible! Just gorgeous. As for the crosses, they're beautiful too. Each one is a work of art. How in the world will each person in the class pick a favorite?! Hopefully, you're simply handing them out - otherwise, the choosing will take the whole class time. I love seeing the lovely things you're making. You make me smile... as I'm giving a sage nod, thinking "I knew this would happen" when you retired. You're as busy a retiree as the rest of us! Keep having fun!

    1. Thank you Linda!!! The other two teachers and I will decide who gets what cross!!! I don't want to decide on my own as everyone is so different! We will be giving them out on Easter Vigil. I will absolutely keep having fun, just like you. I think I am getting the hang of retirement finally!!! hahahahahaha


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