Friday, April 8, 2022

A couple of Dear Jane blocks finished and almost finished!!


I finally finished this little block which I had started over a year ago. It had gotten stuck with some other projects when we were on a road trip. Yowza, glad I found it!!!

Since I got that one done I thought I would pull out another one. Once this block is done I will have rows A and B done. And, I have already got the directions and fabrics pulled for the first few blocks of row C.

I hope to get my Dear Jane quilt done before I turn 70. I have 4 years to go!!! hahahahahahahaha

This little block just needs to be hand appliqued and it is finished. Feels so good to have two rows complete. 😀

I have also been working on this Barbie bed for the grand daughter!!!

Hayden helped me finish it yesterday so it is in the Barbie house the two of us made and Barbie has a very comfortable bed now, much better than the plastic small pink one!!!

Take care and see you soon!!!



  1. So glad you are continuing to make, and obviously enjoy yourself. Yay for pulling out an old UFO. I remember when "everyone" was making a Dear Jane quilt. Gosh, I dare not challenge myself to finish anything by the time I'm 70... that's only 11 months away! :-) It's great you're having fun with Barbie and your granddaughter. Oh, to have a girl to play with like that!

    1. I am on a Facebook Group of Dear Jane makers, one gal is getting a row done every week!!! Wowza. I don't know how she does it. Takes me a whole day to a week to get one block done!!!!
      And yes, having a grandgirl is so fun, I still have my Barbie's from gradeschool and she loves playing with them.


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