Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Key Fob/Key Holder

I've been playing with fabric scraps and turning them in to Key Fobs or actually if I am going to be correct, a key holder. I looked them up online and an actual key fob is an electronic device that we have for our cars that will lock and unlock or even start the car.

I've noticed that there are many tutorials out there for Key Fobs, like those above, but they are not electronic!!!!

Whatever, they are still a lot of fun to make and they are going to be even more fun to give away!!!

I am still working the design out for mine. I think they will all end up like the one on the right with two fabrics.

Lots of fabric choices as I am sure most of you have in your stash!!!

I know a lot of Beaver and Duck fans who will be getting a new key holder this year!!!

I found the hardware on Amazon and it wasn't that expensive. I suppose I could sell them for $3-$5 but not the team ones, the fabric is copyrighted so cannot sell!!!

I've got fabric picked out for about 22 more, so time to get busy. I'm thinking of making little kleenix holders to go along with the key holders. Perfect to throw in a purse or bag!!!!

Let me know what you think, love hearing from everyone!!!

Happy quilting and sewing, Martha

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Rise and Shine in progress

I have so many unfinished quilts that I cannot count them any longer. I just need to pull one out and get it done. And this quilt is one of them. I started it probably 3-4 years ago maybe. I am ready to have it done and it is getting closer to the finish line for sure.

I'm calling it "Rise and Shine". The New York Beauty blocks were fun to create, all paper pieced. The size of the quilt was due to needing a certain size for a particular wall at one of the Dr.'s offices I hang quilts in. This will fit perfectly and wake everyone up with the brightness!!!

I'm very pleased with how it is turning out!!!

I will post the finished quilt hopefully very soon!!!! Thanks for visiting!!! Martha

Friday, September 7, 2018

Itty Bitty purse: Ducks and Harley Davidsons

I made this really tiny purse to take to the University of Oregon Duck football game this past Saturday. The stadium has new rules for carry ins. If your bag is not see through, the maximum size is can be in 4 1/2" X 6 1/2"  This one ended up being 4 1/4" X 6 1/4".

And it is really small. Too small.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... I am working on another that will hopefully be the exact legal size, but will also have a depth of 3/4". That way you can actually fit something on the inside of the purse, not just a couple debit cards and license. 

I could not even fit my glasses in this!!

I put in a back pocket to fit my phone, that was perfection!!!

I already have had requests for this little bag. I don't think they realize how little it really is.

Once I get the pattern down to where I like it, I may make a few to sell. We will see. I am planning on making a Oregon State Beaver bag for my neighbor for a gift.

 And I am currently working on a Harley Davidson bag/purse. I think this one is going to be a winner with all the wives and girlfriends of my husbands motorcycle group.

I am waiting for some purse hardware to arrive from Amazon. I would like the strap to be adjustable. That way, you can have the bag hanging low, or shorten it to hide under your leather coat on the bike!

I just love the Harley Davidson fabric for the purse on the right. And the coordinating fabrics!!! It is sweet!!!

I will post photos of the finished bag. My next one will be the beaver bag!!! Just waiting to get the beaver fabric in the mail, I couldn't find any at Walmart this past weekend.

So that is it for tonight. I hope you are all well. Happy quilting!!!! Martha

Monday, September 3, 2018

Quilted Mini-Wallet/Card Holder

I made several mini wallets, finished them on Friday. I started with just one for a new friend as a thank you gift, but then wasn't sure if it was just right for her. So I started a few more and ended up with five.

Then I made her sister pick the one she thought would be the best for her!!!!

These two did not make the cut :^)

They measure 3" X 4" and have three little pockets. Enough space to bring an ID card, Debit/Credit card and maybe some cash!!?? Perfect to throw in to a little bag/purse when going out and not wanting to carry the huge luggage purse!! Sweetness!!!

Happy Quilting and talk to you again soon!!! Martha

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Summer Sewing

Two finished in the last two days. B-10 Jud's Trophy, for my Dear Jane Quilt and a sweet little dress with long shorts for the littlest granddaughter.

It was supposed to be a top with just two tiers. I showed her the pattern and fabric and asked "What do you think?" And she replied, "I think it needs to be a dress!".
  Well, that wasn't the answer I was expecting. So........................ it is a dress. She is hilarious and knows what she wants. A dress it is.

The bodice and top tier is Tula Pink fabrics as is the turquoise with pink spots. I had to go back to my fabric stash to find another fabric to match and came up with the turquoise patterned fabric in the second tier.  The pink fabric matched perfectly, an old piece I've had for a few years. Then just pieced the bottom tier. Turned out perfect.  I will post a photo of her in it!!! She has a brilliant little mind, it did need to be a dress!!!

Love her, Love sewing!!! Happy Quilting, Martha

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Formline Quilt-so far

 I did not get a lot done on the trip. The first problem I had was I left my white marking pencil at home. And how do you mark on black fabric without it and in the middle of the ocean??? You don't! I am doing reverse applique in some areas. The white you see is actually on the back of the black. So I am marking the fabric and cutting it away and then appliqueing. Hard without a pencil. We stopped in Ketchikan and I went to the Whale's Tail Quilt Shop. She was all out of marking pencils. I almost cried. It meant no applique for me on the trip. So she gave me her personal pencil!!!! She was so sweet and I shall be sending her a  thank-you gift for that. She wouldn't even take my money.

I did buy a little fatquarter set of Formaline fabric!!!

I think if I make another, or design a pattern from this quilt, it shall be fused!!! :^)

Anyway, that is it so far and I am pleased even though I did not get a lot done. It will be a really cool quilt when finished.

Take care and Happy Quilting.


Sunday, July 29, 2018

Formline Quilt

We are actually going on our very first cruise and it will be to Alaska with friends. I know I need to bring some hand work along so decided to design an applique quilt using the artwork drawn by my uncle, Russell Mohney.

His original drawing is the small one.

So what is Formline? Per Wikipedia, "Formline art is a feature in the indigenous art of the Northwest Coast of North America, distinguished by the use of characteristic shapes referred to as ovoids, U forms and S forms. Coined by Bill Holm in his 1965 book Northwest Coast Indian Art: An Analysis of Form, the "formline is the primary design element on which Northwest Coast art depends, and by the turn of the 20th century, its use spread to the southern regions as well. It is the positive delineating force of the painting, relief and engraving. Formlines are continuous, flowing, curvilinear lines that turn, swell and diminish in a prescribed manner. They are used for figure outlines, internal design elements and in abstract compositions."

I copied the original on a clear sheet so I could use my overhead projector to trace the lines. Then I colored it all in.

Notice the drawing in the upper Right? That is
another one of my uncles drawings.

I changed  the design of the eye and I don't like it. So I am going to try doing his design but will probably end up painting it.

So for the background?????? It will not be traditional but i think it will work.

So now the task of tracing out all the pieces on freezer paper and compiling all the pieces to take on our trip. I am so excited about the cruise and this quilt.

I have given it the name of "Redemption-Galations 2:20"

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

I love it!!!!

Happy Quilting!!!!