Thursday, July 28, 2016

Quilts at the Office

This is a nice little quilt I made for our Back Office Lead.
Love the brightness of this quilt. Made it several years ago.

This is a little mug-rug. Very simple to make!! I quilted the
background first, then did the machine stitched flowers and

I've been changing my sewing/quilting room around for the last month. Sold the pool table/ping pong table. Bought a new cutting table that is so AWESOME!!! I will share that with you soon!!! Not much sewing/quilting happening. But I am feeling ready to get back to it !!

Take Care, Happy Quilting!! Martha

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pressing Board for quilting

I've been wanting a better pressing surface for my quilting. The ironing board just doesn't work out well, especially on quilt blocks that are larger than the surface of the ironing board.

I found a video tutorial by Sharon Schamber which you can find here just by clicking. I didn't follow the instructions to a T as I don't like the spray adhesive. It literally goes everywhere when I use it!!!

I also used a piece of plywood for the base. I asked my husband to find or cut a 20" X 50" piece which would cover up the plastic bins perfectly!!!

My board, 100% cotton batting, 100% cotton broadcloth, staple gun.
I cut the batting to size and layed in on the surface
Then I layed the broadcloth on top of the batting.
Flipped it over and stapled. I first stapled the center on each side,
Then I did the corners and ended by doing along each side about
five inches away.
You could then put a felt backing on but I'm not worried about
the surface of the plastic containers. AND, felt would cause
the pressing board to slip!!! 
And done. I love it!!! So much more space!!!
PERFECTION!!! And space saving!!!
That's it for today quilting friends. I need to get busy mending and applying patches to two vests for a friend. Then I have a pair of nursing pants to alter for another friend. The woes of sewing!!! I will be back to quilting soon!!! Martha

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

New York Beauty Quilt. With ruffles!!

OK, haven't shared this for a bit!! Our guild is doing a challenge and each month we get to pick a technique to use on our quilts. I chose to do ruffles for the May meeting, and this was my interpretation for ruffles!!

It was tricky to sew on and doesn't look perfectly square, but I'm OK with it!

The name for this quilt will be Rise and Shine.

Our June meeting is this Saturday and I have not begun any of the challenges for it!! EEK!!!

What to do, what to do??

My choices are piping or yoyo's , stars or hearts. We're doing two months worth for this meeting.
I am not sure which two. For sure the stars, but I like the idea of the piping and the yoyo's. 

I will let you know what I decided when I get there!!!

Take Care, Happy Quilting and talk to you soon!!


Friday, June 3, 2016

Garment Sewing

 I used to sew most of my own clothes, but when I started quilting, it took the backseat!! Well, I finally made a new top for myself!!! Not sure if I love it, but it is cute and fits well!!! I have more fabric to make more clothing, just no time.

Our front yard with the new stupid sign!! In my flower bed of all places. Apparently a neighbor complained to the road department so much about how fast people were driving that WE ended up with the sign. SERIOUSLY!!! There is another sign that states 25 MPH just one house away!!! And no one has slowed down. UGH!

 Sweeet little hardy orchids in the front. I love these, they are so gorgeous and multiply easily!!! They are called: (from Wikpedia) Bletilla- and you can find more information here!!!
Well, that's it for today. Time to go out and water the flower pots and get ready for work. I hope to get some quilting done this weekend as it is going to be up to 99 degrees here!!
I will be finishing the vegetable garden while it is still cool out then head in and hide from the intense heat!!

Take care my friends, Happy Quilting!!! Martha

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


I have not been doing much quilting lately. What I have been doing is working on my Freedom From Smoking classes that I am currently teaching, along with designing an office "program" for our patients who are wanting to quit smoking. Their packet will be called, "Your Personal Quit Program". I am designing handouts and a 4 session counseling program. So far, a lot of work!! But fun.
I have also:

Laid these bricks off our front porch!!
Bottled and corked my plum wine. We got
23 bottles!!! Next up will be the grape wine!

And I have been making a couple sun catchers.
I had to get one made, including getting dozens
of little driftwood pieced we found drilled with
holes for stringing the beads.
This was our monthly craft project for the
Women of the Maggots!! Yes, our husbands,
boyfriends call their motorcycle group The
Road Maggots!!! I started the craft group
in January!! Lots of fun but lots of prep
work for me!!!
I will be glad when I get all my tobacco handouts done and in an easy to use format for our patients. And I will be glad when I get my Freedom From Smoking classes all in an easy to use lesson plan. I can then get back to quilting!!!

Enough for now, need to work on Session Seven for class today.

Take care and do some quilting for me!!! Martha

Monday, April 25, 2016

Quilted Postcards for mailing

Yes, more quilted postcards!! These are fun and easy to make and perfect when there are so many things taking up my time!!! At least I can get a little quilting done and actually finish the project!!!

Fabric all marked, pinned,  and ready to quilt.
One done and one to go!
Both quilted!!!
Finished and ready to mail!!
Here's the thread I used for the quilting and edge. Coats and Clark
variegated thread.
Closeup of the back
And the other postcard also with Coats and Clark thread.
The back of both cards.

I found the stamp and ink at Hobby Lobby. I did remove a little
bit of the stamp. There were parts that I didn't want on the card.
And this little gem is what I got from my swap partner this month. Isn't it just
the sweetest!!?? She did needle felting and beading with applique and quilting.
I love it!!!

Take my quilting friends. Have a lovely day!!! Martha 
Remember to keep those needles sharp and changed!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Disappearing Hour Glass- A photo tutorial

Hi everyone!! Hope you are doing well and enjoying the day!! I haven't had much chance to sew and quilt these days as they have been filled with learning about Smoking Cessation and how to teach it!!

I decided that today I would take a break and get some sewing done. I still need to work on class 3 of the Freedom From Smoking class I am currently teaching.

A couple months ago our guild worked on Disappearing Hour Glass blocks. One of the gals in our group found instructions and shared them with us. So I thought I would share with you.

Two 10" squares-one light and one dark
Pin right sides together.
Sew 1/4" seam on all sides
Cut in half on the diagonals-corner to corner
You are now working with blocks on the diagonal which
can be challenging. Press gently avoiding stretching the
Press. I like my seams open. Your choice here!!
Trim to 6 1/2" square
Lay out in hour glass design and sew together.
Press seams open.
Cut 4 1/8" from the outer edge-one each side.
Turn all outer pieces 180 degrees, turn the center once.
And you get a star!!
OR- turn the outer corners 180 degrees and the center once.
You get a different design.
I chose this one as it is different from what you normally see.
Here it is pieced and pressed.
Three blocks done. I will try and get one more done today. I love the way they
look together. I may do 16 blocks for this quilt. Still undecided!!

This is fun and easy to do. Just take your time with the blocks and you should have no problems!!

I am planning on making one more today then on to another sewing/quilting project. Then I need to mow the lawn and after that work on my quit smoking class. Life has gotten a bit to busy these days!

Take care friends!!! Have a lovely day