Thursday, June 25, 2015


I belong to a group on Facebook.
We trade Free Motion Quilted Postcards
This is my June card that was recently mailed to California :^)
I really didn't have a plan and time was running out.
I looked at some fabric and just went with it

I love it!!
The flower is all fused, leftovers from another
project. I always draw the outline of the
postcard on my piece so I know where to quilt.
Free Motion Quilting, no specific design
I decided so scribble the flower center
The back
Edge stitching. I get a really nice edge by doing a simple wide zigzag to keep it
all together, then I do a satin stitch a minimum of three times around the
piece. More if needed.
I decided to do an orange blanket stitch on the edge and
I think I like the result!!!
And this is the postcard I got in the mail the same day
mine was posted!!! Brilliant minds think similarly!!

Take Care, Happy Quilting, and keep those needles sharp!! Martha

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dear Jane-Row B-Blocks 1 and 2

These were easy with the help of Aunt Reen!! She has some
helpful tutorials for the Dear Jane quilt!!!
This is B-1 Batchelor Buttons-hand applique
And this is B-2 Sweet Tater Pie-also hand applique

I will honestly say that I really enjoy doing hand applique. It is so very relaxing!!! There is prep work, but once that is done , the rest is so enjoyable. Now I just need that tropical island with a mild breeze and my cup of coffee!!! :^)

We have several friends from our guild who are moving away. So Jean had us make spool blocks for them. I wrote a small message on each and then signed them. Easy blocks to make and hopefully they will have enough to make a small quilt to remember us by.

Here's my before and after pics!!

Here's my husband and myself at the Oregon coast a couple
weeks ago!! Otter Rock. So fun and so beautiful. This place
is just an hour and 15 minutes from our home!! How lucky
are we!!??

Take Care my Friends, Happy Quilting and Keep those scissors sharp!!! Martha

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Quilting Table

Well, it is finally done and in the sewing room!!! YAYYYYYYY!!!! We bought a used wooden kitchen table for $50 at a shop in town and my husband revamped it for my Juki! Now I have a really nice flat surface to quilt on. What a difference this makes!!!

Here's the table before and after it got painted. I cannot find my photo of the before the hole was put in, but I am sure you can imagine it!!!
Before paint above and after paint below
I used a white acrylic enamel for the white so that I would have a really nice smooth surface and we used a very fine sand paper in between coats.

I found several tutorials for the table and you can read about them here: #1 tutorial#2 tutorial#3 tutorial. They all have a little different information, but along the same line. So helpful and I am so thankful to all of them for sharing!!!

Well, that's it in my quilt world for the moment. Our grand-daughter is here today to work on her quilt which I will share at a later time :^) 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Winner of the giveaway announced-finally

Crickets Corner


I will be emailing you to get your mailing address

More quilting later!!!


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Give Away-Winner will be chosen in one week!!!

Yes, it is time for another giveaway!!! The random winner will get a fat quarter of each of the fabrics above, so fun and perfect for spring/summer sewing/quilting!!!

And the winner will receive a free motion quilted bookmark made by me!!! :^)

I love to read and I love to quilt!! So what could be better than combining the two??!!

To enter, just leave a little comment and become a follower, and you cannot be a noreply blogger. I cannot get ahold of you if you are a noreply blogger.

Bonnie Hunter of the Quiltville blog has a great tutorial to figure out if you are a no-reply blogger and what to do about it!!!

So, if you are interested in winning the three items above, leave me a comment, join my followers and I will let you know in one week!!!

Happy Quilting and talk to you really soon!!! Martha

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dear Jane-Row A-Blocks 9,10 & 12

Three more Dear Jane Quilt blocks done and I am now finished with an entire row!! I am pleased but I have a really long way to go as there are 13 rows of 13 blocks in the quilt. That is not counting the triangle borders!!!

A-10 Which Points West-I hand pieced this one in
an evening. It was tricky!!
Here is is almost done. Once I finished the hand
sewing, I trimmed it to 5"
A-9 Cabin Fever was paper pieced. I think I
counted 45 pieced in this one little block!!
I will admit, I am not the best paper piecer and
am very slow with it. I get totally turned around!
A-12 Framed Fancy-also paper pieced-just 41
pieced in this one!!

Below are the finished blocks ready for sashing.
I am still not sure what fabric to use for the sashing. I've
been looking at a lot of Dear Jane quilts online to see what
they did. So many variations and all so amazing and
beautiful. I am so not sure of what to do!!!

I am already starting on the B row. I think I will continue in order from here on out. So B-1 and B-2 are just about ready for hand applique. I am not sure if I will work on two at a time or three. Hmmm.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend-Happy Quilting and keep those scissors sharp!! Martha

Friday, April 3, 2015

Quilted Postcards for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

This is a quilted postcard I made for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, Michael Miller Fabric Challenge, Wendy's Wish of St. Charles Foundation.

Anyway, Anna of Woolie Mammoth suggested I join in the fun and make a postcard for the Sisters Show. I had heard about it but couldn't find updated information. So guess what?? Anna sent the information to me along with the fabric for the Michael Miller Challenge!!! How sweet was that? Super Sweet I would say!!! And this is my postcard made of the fabric for the challenge!!!

The design has to somehow relate to the theme of the show-A Timeless Tapestry or the 40th Anniversary.  HMMMM... how does my sand dollar relate to the show theme you may ask!!?? Well, I wrote a short poem about it and will write it on the back of my card.


And ever-changing tapestry
Of water
Of waves


Here is the scenario of construction:
My inspiration
Hand appliqued the sand and ocean together
Sand dollar ready to stitch
Appliqued in the sun with my little girl while the grand girl
took a nap. It felt so good to be sitting in the sun!!
All hand applique done.
Using my Frixion pen, I marked the star design 
Layered and ready to quilt
sand and star design quilted
background quilting done
quilting the sand dollar
all done
another close up-you can see the ocean bubbles on this one
I use my postcard template to mark the edges

Then I sew a few thread widths inside those lines so that when
I trim my postcard to size the quilting doesn't come out.
Here's one side of the card that explains the sale.
I though I would do another postcard, so got this drawn out Thursday
After work I layered it and got to quilting.
love this thread!!
And the finished postcard. I named it "Celebrate" in honor
of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show's 40th anniversary.
This card had already started to celebrate!!!
There's still time to make a card for this event. Just check out the links I added in!!

Thank you Anna for asking me to participate!!! I am so happy to be part of this !!!

Thats it for today. Take Care, Happy Quilting, and keep those minds sharp!! Martha