Saturday, February 17, 2018

Baby Quilt in the works

I'm working on a baby quilt right now along with a couple other projects. This is for a friends sisters baby. The nursery is going to be lavender and pink daisies.

So far, so good, Just need to cut and sew on the outer borders. I've decided on 5" white borders which will make the width of the quilt 36". I wanted a wide border to quilt some soft curvy feathers. I should be able to finish this quilt before the end of the month, at least that is the goal for now.

Hope you are having a good February!! Take Care and Happy Quilting!!! Martha

Thursday, February 8, 2018

"Durango" won a ribbon at the Quilt Show!!!

This is "Durango". I named it after Durango Colorado where my Aunt/Uncle and cousins lived. We used to go there and visit during the summer. The remember the beautiful blue skies and turquoise!! This quilt reminds me of those days.

I was more than excited to see that ribbon on my quilt!! Very surprised and pleased.

It was the first quilt show put on by the Willamette Valley Quilt Festival committee. Next year I heard that they are planning on using the whole building at the Linn County Fair grounds. This year they used just part of the building and the quilt rows were a little too close together to get a good look at the quilts.

There were tons of people viewing the quilts, a fabulous turnout and probably 500 quilts.

I am very glad that I entered and plan on it again next year!!

That's it for now, take care and Happy Quilting!! Martha

Thursday, February 1, 2018

February OMG One Monthly Goal

I am embarrassed to tell you that this quilt has been pinned for probably 3 years!!!!! Seriously!!!!! So now with my new incentive to finish something monthly by participating in Elm Street Quilts One-Monthly-Goal,this quilt shall get completed!!!!!

So there you go. I will be working on this sweet quilt this month, along with a  tiny little strawberry candle pad and a baby quilt I said I would make. 

Why is it that I cannot work on just one thing???

How many of you have the same problem???

Sometimes I really wonder about me.


Take Care, Happy Quilting and see you again soon!!!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

January OMG-One Monthly Goal-is completed!!!!!

Here is the finished quilt. I named it, "Off Kilter".
It turned out like I had hoped and is now off waiting to be hung in a local quilt show.

I free-motion quilt with my Juki

And used Aurifil thread for the top and bobbin.

My main goal for the quilting was no marking and no

All free-motion, free-hand.

My lines are not perfectly straight.

But I just kept reminding myself that I am not a machine.
And I am not perfect.

Getting close!!

And done. So glad to have a ufo completed!!!

Check out the link for others participating in the
 OMG blog hosted by Elm Street Quilts.

Take Care and Happy Quilting

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

FreeMotion Quilting and a Kleenix holder.

Well, it is coming along pretty good. The lines are not perfectly straight, but I am doing this with no rulers and no markings. Not sure how it is going to fare in the judging, but I will allow that to happen. Can only learn, right???

I just hope the judges don't destroy my work :^)

On another matter, I made a couple little travel tissue holders just to see how to make them and then be able to give them as a quick little gift. The pattern was from Two Brown Birds.

I let Hayden pick out the fabrics and the first one went to her great grandmother.

No quilting, just some simple sewing, but how sweet and so much nicer than the plastic wrapping. Now it will be easy to find in a purse or bag. Hayden is busy below making a Happy Birthday card for Grandma Betty.

Happy Quilting friends!!! Have a lovely week and I will be posting again very soon. My new endeavor is to learn EQ7 and EQ8. So taking some free on-line lessons. It's time!!!!


Thursday, January 4, 2018

Modern Quilt

So as I was searching for the sew-together-bag pattern to purchase, information on a quilt show popped up! I had no idea there was a quilt show in our area coming up in February. The Willamette Valley Quilt Festival will be held in Albany Oregon which is just 13 miles from home!!! EEK!!! WHAT!???? Why didn't I hear about this!!??

So, I do have a few quilts that I could enter and may do so as the deadline is near the end of this month. But it would be nice to have a newly quilted quilt to enter also.

So this one has been chosen. It was from a block of the month hosted by SewMamaSew. The actual block was designed by Alyssa of Pile O' Fabric.  I did tweak it a bit, added in some of my own designs. I only did this one block, I love it!!!!!

Now it's time to choose a modern, non-marked quilt design. Still contemplating that. There are SO MANY OPTIONS!!!! It can get overwhelming trying to decide.

While I am thinking on it, I am trimming all the little threads on the back.

I will press it one more time before layering it.

The other information I found is the OMG blog which is One Monthly Goal. Clever!!! And you can see what other quilters are doing and I believe win prizes. So I am joining in!!! Check it out!! The other really cool thing about this is doing it with other quilters around the world. I just love that.

At the end of the month I shall be posting this quilt in a finished state!!!

OH, I did finally purchase the sewtogetherbag from the designer on craftsy. If you are going to support an artist, buy from them!!!!!

OK, that's it for this morning, time to read a little in my bible before getting ready for my work day.

Happy Quilting, Take Care, and see you soon!!!


I should rename myself Martha the Rebel as there are some folks who are getting that image of me. No idea why. :^) Seriously!!!!!

Monday, January 1, 2018

It's in the bag, #Denim bag, #Carhartt bag!!!

This is the finished bag I made for our Grand-daughter, Luna. She is 13 and loves to draw and sketch. I decided to use some of the Carhartt old jeans that belonged to our younger son, Drew, to make the bag out of. It was difficult. The denim is thick and where there are seams triple thickness. And to top it off, the pattern called for a magnetic snap, but I felt like a zipper would be better. So trying to do that after the bag was completed was even more difficult.

Needless to say, I was sewing on Christmas Eve!!

The pattern was Velocity Girl Bag by sewsweetness. I bought this awhile back and finally got to try it out. I did enlarge the pattern to hold Luna's sketch book, pastels and colored pencils.

All the pieces cut and ready to assemble.

 All the goodies were put inside and wrapped for Christmas morning.

It was such a relief when she liked it!!! I wasn't sure if she would. She ended up carrying it on the plane when they went home!!! So that says a lot right there.

Next bag I shall leave all the seams out, they were wicked to sew on!!! My sewing machines were all unhappy. I had to get my old Viking out to finish the bag because the electronic machines just could not go through those thick layers.

Lesson learned!!!

Take care and Happy Sewing/Quilting-Martha

Luna, Maria, Liam and Josh. They took a short road trip to the Oregon coast
on their way to Astoria for one night. Wanted to see the places where the Goonies were filmed.
I grew up in Astoria, so Josh knows all the places!!!
We sure enjoyed their visit!!