Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Sewing Room update

I think I would really rather be sewing and quilting than tearing apart the room and spackling!!

My husband says I put too many nails in the walls. I think he may be on to something!!!

This ladder is really tall. I can get to the high points easily, but my goodness!!!

And a little bit of sweetness in our front yard!!! 

Take care and more later!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2020

SewingRoom Re-Do

I finally decided that it is beyond time to replace the yucky carpet in my sewing room with laminate flooring. And if I am going to the trouble to do that, might as well get the room repainted too. The above photo is the entrance from the dining room into my sewing room.

There are a lot of windows which I love a lot. Perfect place for plants. But the room feels so cluttered and I am having a hard time concentrating in there. It also could be that I am distracted from all the things that are going on here in the US and around the world.

At least I can attempt to create a calm serene space to work in. I won't have as many things on the walls and I am hoping to have things contained neatly.



At least that is my goal!!

I am still pulling nails out and have started puttying the holes. I had put rope up along the edge of the ceiling and walls with hot glue. Not an easy task removing it all!!! UGH!!!

OK, so now you have all seen my incredible mess. Next on the agenda, and hopefully by the end of August, I will be able to show you a very nice, organized space!!!

Happy Summer Friends and see you again soon!!!
Happy mask making or sewing or quilting or crafting or gardening!!!


Saturday, July 11, 2020

Fitted Facemask Tutorial

The Fitted Facemask
 Here is the pattern I used for the Fitted Facemask. She has the pattern to print out and instructions for a few variations. I ended up sewing mine a little different but using her paper pattern. Either way, you will have a really nice fitted facemask with sizes for men, women/teens, and children.
 I used the same pattern piece with 1/8" cut off all edges for the fusible interfacing.

Patterns for size needed-printed-I like to print mine on paper-piecing paper
Fabric for front and lining
Fusible Interfacing
Pipecleaner for nose (I do not put any wire in the children's masks)
Elastic/2 pieces: Men 7"-7 1/2", Women 6"-6 1/2", Children 5"- 5 1/2"

With right sides together, cut two front pieces and two lining pieces and two fusible interfacing pieces.

Fuse interfacing to wrong side of facemask lining

 Sew 2 Facemask pieces and 2 lining pieces together at center seam

Open to one side and finger press seam on both the front and lining the same direction.

Open mask and lining and edge stitch to the left of the seam and close to seam line securing seam allowance.

Pin elastic to corners

Pin front to back, carefully repinning the corners to maintain the elastic position.

Begin sewing about 1" from the center seam on the bottom of the mask and end approximately 1" before the center seam. You will be leaving about 2 inches on the bottom open to facilitate turning the mask right side out.

Clip the curved seams being careful not to clip into the sewn seam.

Turn right side out and finger press all seams

Cut a 5"-6" piece of wire and bend in middle. Insert into the mask along the top seam line.

Clip wire in place and stitch a 1/4" seam to keep the wire in place. Stitch a couple stitches into the seam before and after the wire so that it doesn't shift when washed.

Fold bottom edges in at seam line and pin. Edge stitch narrow seam around entire mask avoiding stitching through the wire.

On the sides of mask, measure up from bottom about 1 1/2" and place pin. Fold mask in half over pin and then fold about a 1/4" up and pin, see photos below, to form a small pleat. Stitch pleat and secure thread.

And you are done!!!

So there you go!!! I now have 3 mask tutorials on my blog,and since I don't see an end to wearing them in sight, we might as well make some gorgeous masks for ourselves and friends and family!!!

I am now up to 330 masks made and given away. Yep, I haven't been charging for them.

You could say I see this as one of my callings from our Dear Lord. Help one another. I love that he gave me the skills to do something to help mankind. How lucky are we that we love to sew and quilt??!!

If you have questions or comments, please leave me a message!!!

Blessings to you all

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Flag quilt-an old UFO

I thought I would pull this one out and get working on it again. I really cannot even remember when I started it, several years ago. So the goal is to have it done by the 4th of July

I have been so busy with making masks that I did not do any quilting!!! I really missed it, so now I am doing both. Only one more mask to make and the requests are caught up. 311 masks to date!!! Not a bad endeavor!!!

 I hope you are all well and safe in all this recent trauma. 

Blessing to you


Monday, May 25, 2020

I've become a mask maker!!

 I decided to try out the "bra" style mask per a
request from a friend who is a hair stylist.
 I think they turned out quite nice!!
When not at work or at my sewing machine you
can find me outside tending to the yard and
garden and pond. 

 These were mailed to my nephew who owns a
tattoo business and will be opening at the
beginning of June.
 And these were made for the Medical Assistants
at the Veterans Home. The ones with ties take a
bit longer to make.
Our pond. It's small but sweet!!! Right now it is full
of tadpoles which the grandkids love to catch.

So far I have made and given away 249 masks!!
I have about 28 more to make and I will actually be caught up!!
I have never been caught up with the requests.

A few people insisted on paying me.
That money has been sent to the Humane Society.
I decided that I would not charge anyone for a mask.
I could have.
But why?
We are doing fine through this pandemic.
So giving them away just makes sense.
I know a lot of quilters/seamstresses doing the same.
It's who we are!!!
I am very proud to be a part of this amazing group of people.

Happy Memorial Day!!!
💗💗Virtual Hug💗💗

Love Always,

Monday, April 13, 2020

Face Masks to help protect

This pretty much sums up what I do in my spare time. Make masks!! 😀 Lots of masks. Not as many as some but many!! So far I have made 108 and given them away. I have so many more to make as the requests keep coming in.

When I am caught up I will be making them with ties to send to a friend in New Jersey. She is making them and donating to the hospital there. So hopefully this week I will be caught up so I can make them to help donate as New Jersey has been hit hard with the Covid as New York has.

I am thankful that God gave me the sewing skills to provide this service for our friends and family and community!!

Take care, be safe, stay home if possible, wash your hands often, and Happy Sewing/Quilting!!