Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A little here and a little there

Life is so busy for everyone these days and I also seem to be running here and there. Same with my sewing/quilting projects. I have SO many that I am working on at the same time!!!

I just finished appliqueing this little Dear Jane block today. D-7 World Series.

My husband had sinus surgery yesterday so I needed a handy little project to bring to the hospital with me. His surgery did not go well, ended up losing 2 units of blood and ended up in the ICU for the night. We are both exhausted. Him more than me. And he is hurting. I got him home today. SO very glad to have him home.

Last weekend I reorganized my sewing room. Still more work to do trying to fit it all in and feel like I have elbow room. This corner is much improved and now I have a working DVD player to watch quilt videos!!!

Before we left for the hospital yesterday I made a quick lining for my little Madeline lunch box. My things clanked around noisily and I have been wanted to fix that.


And lastly, I am still working on this quilt. Tons of tiny tiny free-motion quilting. It is going to take me weeks to finish. My new plan is 15 minutes a day. If I have time, I add another 15 minutes. It might just be done by Christmas!!!

Oh, one more to show you. I have had a pile of Christmas fabrics that were part of a group exchange for a long time, at least 12 years now. So I decided that we need a new Christmas quilt to cuddle under, and the perfect design is the Jelly Roll Race quilt.

I am not racing anyone but myself. 

I haven't gotten really far yet, but I am not going to rush it. I just want to start enjoying the process!!!

You can see how far I've gotten. I sewed the ends together to make a very very very long pieced strip, now I am sewing the first section. It will take me awhile but that's ok, it's fun and it will be a great new quilt for the family.

Our oldest is coming here for Christmas with his fiance and her two children, our soon to be grandchildren. So excited!!!!! So I need to make sure there are blankets and quilts for everyone as they are coming from Phoenix and aren't used to the chilliness here.

I have more to show you but will save it for the next blogpost.

Take care, Happy Quilting!! Martha

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Clay Pot Pincushions

I've been doing a lot of paintings on rocks these days then thought that I would put that skill to work on a clay pot and turn it in to a pincushion.

And I think I like it!!! :^)

This is a good sized pincushion and will hold a lot of pins!!!

I started by hand painting these clay pots. I have also used some spray paint to see how that would work. And it worked great and a lot quicker and less messy!!

This was an easy paint job, polka dots in three shades of teal. Love it and they match the wool fabric.

Then I cut out a circle larger than the width of the pot opening.

Sewed two gathering stitches and pulled them to create a little pouch.

I am using left over wool batting for the stuffing. That way the needles and pins will stay sharp!!! No more throwing away those little left overs.

Just cut them up in small pieces and use them as stuffing!!!!!

Now the gathering stitches were not enough to close the pincushion so I actually used two rubber bands to secure the opening. Then, before I glued it into the pot, I put left over poly batting in the bottom.

I also glued the pot to the base!! 

Here are a couple more in the process of painting the forget-me-not flowers on.

The gray and green were the two I spray painted. That was a lot easier to do!!!

Now to finish these and put them in my Etsy store :^)

Fun project, would make a great gift for a friend or for yourself!!!

Happy Quilting Friends

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

More painting than sewing lately

 So this is what I have been up to for the last month. Painting the guest room from blue to yellow, I love it so much. Now I am working on creating a desk out of a bookshelf in this room. It is going to be for collecting stamps. I have my dads leftover stamps in five boxes, all divided up. It's time to teach the grandson about stamps and this will be his room for that!!!

 Here is what the room looks like now, well almost. I put different curtains up and lots more pictures.

 And this has been my most recent activity, painting rocks to hide around town. Still finishing them up, then I will spray a clear coat on them and then I will have the grandkids help me hide them for others to find. Fun fun fun project.

I saw this little mouse online and just had to paint him, he is adorable!!!

Well, I really need to get back to sewing!!! I miss it.
Take care and Happy Quilting. Martha

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Wet Felting and Quilting

 Hi Friends!!! I would like to introduce "Morning Sail", a wet felted, needled felted, quilted piece I made for my friend Lauren who has a home in Mattapoisett Massachusetts.

This was my first wet-felted project and I think it turned out pretty well. I watched several different wet-felting tutorials online before I plunged in.

I have been collecting wool roving in the hopes that I would eventually find some time to try it out.

I will show you my process for making this quilt with photos. I learn so much more by seeing than reading!!!

I started with a piece of wool fabric for my background

Then I began to pull pieces of wool roving off the long
strand and place them on the wool, creating a picture.

I really just continued in this way, trying to create a picture
that resembled the ocean and sand with the sun coming
up in the background.

This is all freehand, not following any photo.

I would do this for awhile and then take a break. Looking
at it from all sides also helps to see where more color
is needed.

It gets pretty fluffy as the layers pile up!!

But as I continued I could see it come alive!!!

This was SO FUN!!!

This photo shows all my wool roving. We have a yarn shop in town and they
have some awesome wool roving!!! It's called Knitty Gritty Yarn Shop here in Lebanon Oregon.

Looking pretty good at this point.

These are my needle felting needles. The one on the right
didn't work too well, so I just stuck with the single needle.

I decided to needle felt the entire piece all over to begin the process of the wool
migrating into the wool fabric backing.

You can see all my needle felting marks!!!

These needles are sharp and hurt when poked in a finger!!!

close up of the needle felting

I purchased bubble wrap and taped it together to create a
large backing.

Then I laid my piece on top of the bubble wrap.

This shows all my tools for the wet felting. A swimmers
noodle, warm soapy water in the bowl and tulle.

I laid the tulle on top of the piece. Then ladled on the warm
soapy water. All over so it was very saturated.

Then I rolled it all up, tied it tightly and rolled and massaged
and even banged the entire piece on the floor.
Wet felting needs wool roving, water, soap, and friction.
I think I did this part for 30 minutes. What happens during this
process is your loose wool roving turns into felt.
So amazing!!!

Here we are after beating it up!!!

I felt like it needed more, so leaving the tulle on, I added more
water and hand rubbed it all over for about 15 minutes.

Then to the bathtub of clean water to soak out all the soap.

Time to dry out!!

This step is the process of needle-felting in the grasses and path to the ocean.

I'm using that sharp needle to do this process and like before, I am just adding
wool and creating it as I go. Kind of like painting only doing it with fuzzy stuff.

Notice who is helping out!!??

You can see that I am working on a large foam piece. When needle felting, you
have to have a thick piece of foam for the needle to go into. The wool will be
pushed through to the other side of the fabric and into the foam.

Looking good but missing something?

I needle-felted in a sailboat. Lauren's family grew up
sailing, so a very needed subject!!
Now begins the process of the border. I picked a hard one, that was very time consuming, but I LOVE the results of the half square triangles!!!

I found an easy way to make the triangles and will use this process in the future. It is called the magic 8 method.

I wanted the border to seem like the ocean with the light of the
sky and rising sun dancing.

My sewing room.


Coming along nicely

Almost done


Small border on and time to layer and quilt.

Some of the sky. Quilting this was very different than a fabric quilt.

OK, I hated the ocean quilting I did on this. So the day before
this quilt was to be put in the mail, I ripped out all the ocean
quilting and re-did it. Not fun. Added a minimum of 6 hours,
but I am so happy with the results.

Quilting the border.

All quilted, just need to bind it.
The back

And close up so you can see the quilting!!!
And here it is in it's new home!!! I am so happy with the results and Lauren
loves it. Makes my heart warmed!!!!

Well that's it from here for today, time to get ready for work!!!

Take care and Happy Quilting!!!
Love, martha