Saturday, February 16, 2019

Designing with Stencils

I know it's hard to see the design, but I think it will be nice!!! The fabric is an off-white Dupioni silk and I will be using a YLI 100wt grey thread to quilt it. And that is pretty much it.

Most of the quilt stencils I'm using are from The Stencil Company. They also have pre-printed quilt tops in several sizes. A great idea for practicing your free-motion quilting!!!

 I am making this for my church for a fundraiser/auction in April. I am almost done with the marking. Then I can layer, pin and get going on my quilting. This will be my mornings until it's completed.

I haven't decided on the background but I would really like to do something extremely simple. I have a tendency to make things more difficult than they need to be.

Anyway, Happy Quilting Friends :^)


Saturday, February 9, 2019

"I Am The Vine"

Just finished this little quilt this morning!!! I've been sewing on little tiny seed beads to the center diamonds which took some time.

The paint color came from the binding I chose. I just live this simple design in the fabric. Funny how a piece of fabric can decide the progression of quilt!!!

Now I just need to sew on a label and get it hung at work. I am very happy to have another project completed, on to the next dozen!!! hahahahahahahaha

Happy Quilting Friends-Martha

Sunday, January 20, 2019

What I am currently working on

I bought this printed quilt top years ago and finally decided to quilt it. It was on sale so only cost around $4.00 to purchase. It is turning out to be a great piece to practice on!!!

I bought it from The Stencil Company. They have all sizes of pre-printed quilt tops and for beginners, this is a great way to learn free-motion quilting. It is even good for some of us who just want to sit and quilt but don't have time to prepare a quilt with all the markings. At times my life is so busy with work that I feel really overwhelmed. Quilting helps me feel calm. So this has been perfect.

I am doing some pretty intense fabric sketching at the moment. Once done I will be doing a little painting of the fabric and beading. More later!!!

Happy Quilting and Blessings :^) Martha

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Key Fobs Key Rings Key Keepers

This is what I was doing before Christmas for Christmas. Lots of Key Rings to give to family and friends.

I actually got a little carried away with picking out fabrics and ended up with over 50 combinations and really did not need that many. So now I have quite a few to finish up and put in my Etsy store!!

It was fun picking out the combinations!!!

I am now working on PB&J's

But that is another story which I shall share soon!!!

Love you

Pray the Government gets their act together and gets this awfulness stopped

Happy Quilting!!!


Sunday, December 23, 2018

Ladybug Mania for Christmas

My Receptionist at work, Janell, loves ladybugs. So for Christmas I made her a keykeeper/keychain, purse kleenix holder, and 6 coasters. I love the ladybug fabrics!!! They are so sweet and perfect for these simple projects.

I mixed and matched the fabrics for the coasters, so fun and a quick project. AND, they are washable. Throw them in the washing machine, then dryer, press and back to newness. PERFECTION!!!

I love the keykeepers. They have the lobster clamp on one side and the key ring on the other, so you can clip in for safekeeping if need be.

These little ladybugs are so realistic, kind of 3-D.
So I am working on one more project for her, an apron made of all these fabrics. Just ran out of time so it will  be a New Years present!!!

Take Care, Happy Quilting, And Christmas Blessings from my family to yours :^) Martha

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Santa Ornaments

 I made some paper-pieced santa's for my advent angel family. We filled out a card at church and then passed them around to exchange them with another member of the parish. My family has three in it, so each got their own santa's.
 I got the pattern many years ago at guild. Someone gave me the finished one on the left and the pattern. They are simple and fun to make. I mailed them last week and just signed the card, Your Advent Angel. We pray for our families through the Advent Season. It is very special and dear to my heart.

And this is my sweet little Raggedy Anne Nurse at work, in my office. I love the sign. Some days I really should put it up front and center because I am not as jolly as I should be!!!

Take care friends, Happy Quilting and Have a very Blessed Merry Christmas! Martha

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Key Fob/Key Holder

I've been playing with fabric scraps and turning them in to Key Fobs or actually if I am going to be correct, a key holder. I looked them up online and an actual key fob is an electronic device that we have for our cars that will lock and unlock or even start the car.

I've noticed that there are many tutorials out there for Key Fobs, like those above, but they are not electronic!!!!

Whatever, they are still a lot of fun to make and they are going to be even more fun to give away!!!

I am still working the design out for mine. I think they will all end up like the one on the right with two fabrics.

Lots of fabric choices as I am sure most of you have in your stash!!!

I know a lot of Beaver and Duck fans who will be getting a new key holder this year!!!

I found the hardware on Amazon and it wasn't that expensive. I suppose I could sell them for $3-$5 but not the team ones, the fabric is copyrighted so cannot sell!!!

I've got fabric picked out for about 22 more, so time to get busy. I'm thinking of making little kleenix holders to go along with the key holders. Perfect to throw in a purse or bag!!!!

Let me know what you think, love hearing from everyone!!!

Happy quilting and sewing, Martha