Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hiking Silver Creek Falls, Oregon

I haven't been doing much quilting lately because we have had a lot of company. First, my nephew and his wife came for a visit, and before they left our oldest came with his family.

On Monday the 10th, Josh, Maria, Luna, Liam, and I went to Silver Creek Falls, Oregon, to hike and see waterfalls. OH MY< WE WERE NOT DISAPPOINTED!!!!

We walked at least 4 1/2 miles and were not disappointed!! So gorgeous in the fall and so much water falling!!!

I am going to let you see what we saw, no words needed!!

Today once I get the house cleaned up, I shall be quilting :^)


The kids also went to Newport Oregon. The weather was perfect!

Take care my friends and I shall keep in touch with you again! Martha

Sunday, September 11, 2016



Supplies Needed:       
                                    Bag: 1 12" X 15" quilt sandwich (top-batting-lining)
                                    Top Band: 2 strips for casings-3 1/4" X 11" lined with 
                                                     fusible interfacing
                                    Prairie Point Tabs: 2 3 1/2" squares
                                    Metal measuring tape
Machine quilt your quilt sandwich in your desired design. You can see that I chose to do a very simple straight stitch with my walking foot. Once quilted, trim to 11" X 14".

Press 1/4" hem on one edge of both top bands.
Pin the un-pressed edge of each band to the narrow ends of your quilted top on the lining side. Stitch a 1/4" seam.


Gently press both bands out. Fold the bands over, in half, to the front of the bag, pin down.

Make your prairie point tabs:

Prairie Point Tabs:
Fold 3 ½” squares in half, wrong sides together.
Place the folded square with its folded side up. Fold the folded edge down equally along each side to create a triangle with an open fold at its center.
Press lightly to keep the folds in place.

 Slip finished prairie point tabs under pinned edge of each band-centered.

Stitch casings and prairie points down with a narrow topstitch.

Fold bag in half, tops and right sides together. Stitch a 1/4" seam. Start your seam about 1/4" from the top edge, back stitch to the edge, then sew entire length. This way, all trimmed threads will not be seen at the top of your bag, they will be hidden inside.

Metal Measuring Tape: Using an old pair of scissors that will NEVER be used on fabric again!!!
      *Cut 2 10" long pieces of metal tap measure
      * Tape edges with masking tape

      *Insert tape into casings with the numbers facing outward or up

Stitch the other side of the bag in the same manner you did with the first side.

Trim edges with rotary cutter being very care to NOT cut into your seams.

Box the Bottom!!
With the bag lying flat, measure and cut a 1” square from each bottom corner. 
A 1” square will give you a 2” wide boxed bottom.

*Finish the side edges with a zigzag stitch. Be sure to begin your stitching away from the
  finished top edge, back stitch to the edge then sew on.

*Put a pin to mark the center of the bottom of your bag.
*Separate the layers of the bag at the cut corner and pull the side seam and center bottom
  together, pin, stitch seam. Reinforce the seam by stitching a second time.

*Finish the edges with a zigzag stitch.

*Turn your bag right side out and enjoy your new SNAPPY HAPPY HANDBAG!

 Hope you enjoyed this!!! Let me know if you have any questions!!!
Happy Quilting!!