Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Quilted Postcards

I am still making quilted postcards. These little gems are so fun to make and even more fun to mail!!

I made this one for a postcard exchange. The theme was kites. I loved doing the thread tail. I'm thinking of doing this one again only a little bigger with a really long thread tail!!!

 Hats was the theme for this one and I decided to try doing a watercolor design. I haven't done any watercolor quilts in awhile, so this was fun to do!! Below shows the back and yes, this was mailed off to another land!!!

Forgot to take the finished photo of this one!! You can see the outline of the finished piece. I mailed this one to a friend who used to be a patient of mine. Now that we are not doing family practice I don't get to see her. Saddens me. I mailed this to her as a surprise to brighten her day. Now she has a little piece of my heart.

The really wonderful thing about these little quilted postcards is that they fit perfectly in a 4" X 6" frame. So they can easily hang on the wall as a piece of artwork!!!

If you want to try your hand at making a quilted postcard, click here for my most updated tutorial!!!

I have a really important project that I am working on and I will share the finished product with you soon. But here is a little peek at what I have been up to!!!

HMMMMMMM...... What could that be??? More later!!!

Take care friends and I shall be back!!! Martha

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Seahorse Quilt

 Here is my Seahorse quilt finally finished!!! It is hand-appliqued!!!! You can find the pattern here at the Pacific Rim Quilt Shop. They have a lot of these two fabric applique patterns!!!!!
I started this in 2012 when I was doing the 2012 Freemotion Quilting Challenge sponsored and organized by SewCalGal. Her site is now called QuiltShopGal and she is doing many more challenges. She is totally amazing!!! I am still so thankful for that year of lessons!!!!

The border of this quilt was a lesson from Leah Day. It was tricky to do, but once I got in the flow of the design it got much easier.

So the next challenge was to finish all the rest of the quilting. My goal for 2017 is to finish up several of the tops I have completed. And there are many of them!!!

I am currently working on 2 quilts that were started awhile back. One is on the Juki and the other is on my Viking Lily with the walking foot. If I get bored with one, I just move to the next machine!!

Bailey always has to check things out for me!!!

This quilt is hanging at my old office. I have about 26 quilts on the walls of that medical office, 7 at another medical office and 7 at the medical office I am working in. About every 6 months I rotate the quilts from office to office. It takes most of the day to do that!!! But as long as my co-workers and our patients enjoy the scenery, I will continue with doing it.

Take Care friends!!! Happy Quilting!!! Martha

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Quilted Seattle Seahawks box full of Seahawk Coasters

For Christmas this past year I made my brother and his wife a quilted box full of matching coasters for their living room in Seattle Seahawk colors.
They are crazy about the Seahawks and I knew this would make the perfect gift as they have friends and family over all the time to watch the games!!

The bottom is a coaster with no batting in it, glued down!!

This was a really simple project with great results. They loved them!!! Perfect home made gift!!!

Here is the tutorial for the quilted box.
And here is the tutorial for the coasters.

Thanks for visiting!!! Martha

Friday, April 7, 2017

"Daytona" A gift for my cousin and a Pine-Needle basket

Here is the finished quilt named "Daytona". I actually finished it in Daytona Florida!! I was planning on doing sewing of the binding on the plane on our way there but those seats are so small and they had us so squashed in that I didn't have room for doing that.

I ended up finishing while I was at my cousin Kathy and Bruce's home in Daytona.

The first border of 1" squares done.

Auditioning more border fabric. That was hard!!!

I ended up going to the store and purchasing more fabric.

Bailey loved to see what I am doing so I let her on the cutting
table. She had just come home after getting groomed and was
not pleased with her new hair do.

Free motion quilting on my Juki

Almost done

This was an easy one to quilt, thank goodness

And done

Machine sewing the binding on

And now in Daytona stitching the binding to the back. Kathy
was so excited that I made her a wall quilt for their home
in Daytona. The colors are perfect!!
 We had such a great time with them. Went to the Daytona 500, ate some great food and went on a lot of walks. Warm weather in February was what we needed!!!

Now I am working on a pine-needle basket as another thank you to them. I picked up pine needles on our walks, so the basket will have Daytona pine needles. I started with a wooden disc and used my handy woodburning tool and burned a picture of a sand dollar on it. Here is a photo sequence of the basket!!! ENJOY!!!

Making a basket is relaxing. One of those activities you can do while "watching" tv!!

Take care my friends and I shall return, Martha

Thursday, March 2, 2017

AQS Quilt Show in Daytona Florida 2017

 I'm blogging on my mini iPad so please be patient with me. This sure doesn't work like the computer does!!! The above quilt was made by Di from Australia. I have been following her on Instagram and I actually got to meet her!!!!
Here is me and Di above at the show. She is so sweet and kind!! How exciting it was. Made this quilt show so special. Her blog is Check out her blog and say hi if you have time!!!

 I also got to meet Linda, below, of Flourishing Palms. She is an amazing modern quilter, writer. Her blog is

What a fabulous trip we've had. The Daytona 500 and then meeting these two amazing women. I am truly blessed.  Take care quilting friends. I will talk to you again soon,

Happy Quilting!!! Martha

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Free Motion Feathers tablerunner

I started this table runner a couple of years ago and finally got it done for Christmas 2016. I gave this to my daughter-in-law as an early gift to help decorate the house!!

I love doing feathers but was a little nervous doing red on white because every little wobble and mistake show up. I just have to remind myself that most people who are not quilters do not see those mistakes, even though that is all I can see!!!

No worries, she seemed to really like it, so I am pleased!!!

Happy Quilting Friends.


Here's a few more in progress photos.

This is another table runner in line to be finished