Sunday, January 5, 2014

Quilted boxes

Someone posted a quilted box on Facebook. I do not recall who, but I had to make one, and then another, and then one more!!!

You can find the instructions here!! Tina wrote a very easy to follow tutorial for these cute boxes!!
I constructed mine pretty much exactly they way she put hers together.
Chose my fabrics.
Cut one, all three layers, 10" and the other 10 3/8"
sewed all three layers together leaving a 4" opening on one side

My handy little side table, out when in use
Slides under pretty well when not needed!!
Trimmed the batting close to the stitching
I also trimmed the edges a little, then turned them right sides out.
Pressed well. I chose to hand stitch the opening closed before doing the quilting.
Quilting with the walking foot
Done with the quilting!!
Measuring 2" to sew the corners to form the box.
Fold in half again to get the other two corners done.
OK, then I wanted to try another fabric combination. This time I cut the fabric 9 1/2". I wanted a bit smaller box this time for something special.
This was given to me by one of my co-workers for Christmas!!
All done and ready for buttons! You could actually leave it like this, it reminds me of a tulip!! How cute would these be with several together on a shelf??!!
And here are the three boxes, all finished. The one on the far right I chose to leave the corners out. The two on the left have the corners inside the box and tacked down. I think I like both versions.
And now I have a thank-you gift for my co-worker, a really cute, quilted box made from the fabric she gave me and filled with wonderful teas!! :^) Happy Days!!
And another piece I am working/contemplating on........................More later!!

Take Care, Happy Quilting, Thanks for the visit, and keep those pins sharp!! Martha


  1. I love these little fabric boxes. Thank you sew much for sharing them. This suits my obsession of fabrics and boxes to contain things. Creative Bliss...

  2. If I'd known these were so easy I might have made them before this. I'm now off to select some fabrics from my stash. Thankyou, best wishes Wendy

  3. These little boxes are so cute and what wonderful hostess gifts, party favors, or great for a Saturday sewing day with a small group. Thanks for sharing your photos and the original link.

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed the tutorial. I love the little tea box. Great idea!

  5. Your fabrics are fantastic for these boxes! Thank you for the link, I've made boxes before but the tute I used was no where as easy as this! Love the tea box :D

  6. How cute! If I started sewing now, I might have one finished by next Christmas. ;)

  7. Those little quilted boxes are adorable ! Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

  8. I made several of these for Christmas and filled them with various things. they made cute gift bags and are reusable. They were fun to make and can also use up some scraps.

    1. Yes Mary Jean, they are really handy for gifts and using up all the left overs!!! I hope that next Christmas I will have several made to give away!!!

  9. Thanks for this cute tutorial Tina - I just made one to fill with sweets and give to someone really nice !

  10. Can your instructions be printed? These are so cute I would love to make them as gifts for my daughters and granddaughters

    1. Of course you can print them!!! Much easier than having to go back to the computer for instructions!!! Did you have a change to check out Tina's site, her instructions may be better than mine!!!


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