Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Key Fob/Key Holder

I've been playing with fabric scraps and turning them in to Key Fobs or actually if I am going to be correct, a key holder. I looked them up online and an actual key fob is an electronic device that we have for our cars that will lock and unlock or even start the car.

I've noticed that there are many tutorials out there for Key Fobs, like those above, but they are not electronic!!!!

Whatever, they are still a lot of fun to make and they are going to be even more fun to give away!!!

I am still working the design out for mine. I think they will all end up like the one on the right with two fabrics.

Lots of fabric choices as I am sure most of you have in your stash!!!

I know a lot of Beaver and Duck fans who will be getting a new key holder this year!!!

I found the hardware on Amazon and it wasn't that expensive. I suppose I could sell them for $3-$5 but not the team ones, the fabric is copyrighted so cannot sell!!!

I've got fabric picked out for about 22 more, so time to get busy. I'm thinking of making little kleenix holders to go along with the key holders. Perfect to throw in a purse or bag!!!!

Let me know what you think, love hearing from everyone!!!

Happy quilting and sewing, Martha


  1. Those are so cute, and they look so professional! Your work is always done so well.

    1. Thank You Marti!! They are sure fun. I have another idea for our office using these little key holders. I am going to make them in purple and, once I figure out my sewing machine and how to do the alphabet on it, stitch words onto the fabric. I will have Hope on one side and Courage on the other. My patients suffer from addiction and they have a rough rode ahead of them. These would make perfect gifts for them. Purple because it is the symbol of International Overdose. Now to read the instructions on my machine!!!! hahaha


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