Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Not Quilting Much

Just a quick note to let you all know that I have not been quilting as much as I would like to be doing.
We went to Astoria, so I was able to mark the quilt while there. Look at the view from our room. The marina at the Port of Astoria.

We cleaned the graves and put new flowers out for family members.

 I've also been cleaning off the deck and getting it ready for summer dining.
 I've also been planting the garden and goofing around with the grandchildren.
And of course I cannot forget
I still work full time!!!

So I missed my May OMG-One Monthly Goal so it shall become my June project. It has been pinned and I have started the quilting process, but there is still so much garden to take care of.

More later!!!

Happy Quilting! Martha


  1. Sounds like you are dong what is important right now. Love the photo of you and kids with your red noses.

    1. I am sure trying to get the urgent things done. We have company coming so the house needs to be in order. You can't tell from the photo real well, but the little grand-daughter is giving me bunny ears!!


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