Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Dear Jane B row blocks

B-1 Batchelor Buttons
We went to the Oregon Coast in November for three nights!! We rented a little beach house, I brought my sewing machine and worked on some Dear Jane blocks.!! So fun and so relaxing!!!

Dear Jane Quilt: Make by Jane Stickle of Vermont during the Civil War-1863.

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 It was Bailey's first time to the beach and she wasn't afraid!! I was surprised!!! I thought the loudness of the surf would scare her but not at all!! And she wanted to chase the seagulls which were so much bigger than her!!! Silly dog.

Our view from the couch!

B-2 Sweet Tater Pie
B-5 Hot Cross Buns

B-3 Mirror Image

Nice view to sew to!!

Then when we got home, I finished a fifth block.
B-4 Chris's Soccer Field
I have 8 more blocks ready to go. Fabrics chosen and patterns printed.
This is my color guide for all the blocks. All the X's are the
blocks that are done. 34 in total, and 135 to go for the center.

I have the computer program for the Dear Jane blocks. Helps
so much!! It prints out the foundation blocks, paper piecing
and allows me to print out the block in color to help remind
me what fabric goes with what block I am working on.

Here are some of the upcoming blocks.

And my Dear Jane book. I love looking at it!! But the computer
program helps with the construction much more than the book
There is also a CD you can purchase
The CD is from Aunt Reen's Place. She had a blog called 13 Months of Dear Jane, and gave so many wonderful guides to making a Dear Jane quilt. That blog is now closed but she is offering the CD for sale. I may be purchasing one as I really enjoyed her blog as a go to place to help with these blocks. Some are very complicated and some are very simple. I really loved seeing how she constructed them!

That's it for today folks! Have a lovely day and take a gander at all the Dear Jane quilts, You can do a google search and then look at the images. They are amazing!!


  1. you have some complicated blcks here so admire those of you doing this quilt, i did buy the nk but way beyond me so have passed it on to someone else to have ao go. Looks a lovely spot where you stayed for a few days

    1. Good Morning!! Some of these blocks are complicated but the software sure helps!! I just take my time with them and try to figure out the best method. I am considering purchasing Aunt Reens CD to help me, she has taught the entire book and has come up with some clever piecing techniques!!

  2. You are making Fabulous progress on your Dear Jane blocks!
    So sweet of you to mention my CD, email your address to me and I'll send one out to you right away (my gift)
    Bailey looks adorable at the beach, looks like she really enjoyed her time there!


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