Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hiking Silver Creek Falls, Oregon

I haven't been doing much quilting lately because we have had a lot of company. First, my nephew and his wife came for a visit, and before they left our oldest came with his family.

On Monday the 10th, Josh, Maria, Luna, Liam, and I went to Silver Creek Falls, Oregon, to hike and see waterfalls. OH MY< WE WERE NOT DISAPPOINTED!!!!

We walked at least 4 1/2 miles and were not disappointed!! So gorgeous in the fall and so much water falling!!!

I am going to let you see what we saw, no words needed!!

Today once I get the house cleaned up, I shall be quilting :^)


The kids also went to Newport Oregon. The weather was perfect!

Take care my friends and I shall keep in touch with you again! Martha


  1. what a wonderful place to visit and you have shared some lovely photos

    1. Hi Margaret!! This is a great place to visit and only 45 minutes from our house, so close by really!! It was so fun to be with my oldest and his family. Maria is from Spain and now lives in Phoenix. She said this was probably the most beautiful hike she has been on so far!!

  2. Wow Martha - what a glorious place to visit!
    There is so much natural beauty to behold and to inspire the soul.
    What a wonderful way to spend time with your beautiful family.


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