Thursday, July 30, 2015

CUTE!!! Postcard bird

I'm very pleased with how my little bird turned out for the quilted postcard exchange. I used all leftovers in designing her!! The theme was swirls, curls, twirls!! I hope her new owner enjoys her. She was supposed to be mailed by the 21st, so I'm a wee bit late!!!

Freemotion quilting. You can see I did a little hand embroidery.
Very Little!!!
And done!!
Above and Below-two Throwback Thursday quilt wall-
hangings that reside at my work!! They are both from
2012 when I was doing the 2012 FreeMotionQuilting
Challenge. So much fun and I learned so much!!!

Thanks for the visit. My next post I hope to do a well written tutorial on how I do my postcards. Oh, here are some sketches for the next one. Not sure which I will pick, but you and I will soon find out!

Take Care, Happy Quilting and keep those pencils sharp!!!! Martha


  1. Your quilting is gorgeous. I'm sure whoever gets it will be thrilled. What machine did you use for the bigger wall hangings?

  2. this is so sweet, the small wall hangings are lovely too. Not promising to make a postcard but will enjoy your tutorial

  3. Adorable postcard!
    O.M.Gosh.... I LOVE both of your wall hangings!
    They are stunning.

    1. Thank you Doreen!!! Those wall hangings were fun to do and a great learning experience!!! The little postcard should have arrived in California to it's new owner, I am anxious to hear what she thinks!! Have a wonderful week!!!


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