Saturday, July 19, 2014

Monogram Postcard and Go Ducks!!!

I wanted to continue the feather theme for July but add a letter to it and somehow intertwine the two elements.
It was a bit tricky and I have much more work to do as it was more difficult than I had expected. But not to bad for my first one!!!

The Go Ducks postcard was going to be just a modern artsy card, but it really lacked something!! I will show you the sequence of the cards.
my first sketch
drawing the outline of the postcards
first two designs, the one on the left went bye bye
And the quilting process begins:

Used a fabric pen to darken the O
You can see my pen marks and by the magic of heat: they
will disappear as you can see below  

Using colored pencils to color the feathers and C
Echo quilting, not done with the coloring but I can
never seem to stick with one thing for very long!!
All done with the quilting. I marked the postcard edges again and sewed
inside the drawn edge to prepare it for cutting. That way all my quilting
stitches do not unravel!
Before coloring
And after, much better!!
All cut and ready for the edge work.
And done-ready to mail!!!

I worked on these before work one morning

Son Josh gave these to me!! Nice!!!! He said they were expensive and I
can really tell, they color really nicely.
I painted this on to all the areas that were colored with the
pencils to ensure the color doesn't wear off. Easy to do!!

So one of these little postcards is on its way to its new owner, sure hope she likes it!!!!
That's it for today. I need to get back out to the garden, lots of work to do out there!!!

Take care, Happy Quilting and keep those scissors sharp!!! Martha


  1. such nice postcards and thank you for showing how you went about creating them

  2. Martha what a gorgeous postcard! You should see the postcards that got matted and framed and then auctioned (silent auction) at this years Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. The teachers made some that they even had a buy-it-now price like Ebay and several sold for $300-$575 each!!!! Of course the well known teachers did sell theirs for those prices, but the others that were donated for auction were still awesome. I have the link to my Flickr album on my blog if you want to see them as well as a ton of other quilts for inspiration too.

  3. Martha, these are wonderful designs!


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