Friday, January 17, 2014

From Idea Concept to finished block!!

So, I have been thinking way too long about the back of my grand-daughters quilt. The flannel fabric was not very wide and they did not have very much of it, so it needed to be pieced. The thought of having irregular piecing did not appeal to me. So what to do???
I had a left over block, it was actually lost and then found, and thought that I could put it in the center and put 4 equal pieces surrounding it. On the block I used my sewing machine to print out all her statistics. But it became very stiff and how do you wrap a cute baby girl in a stiff quilt!!?? You don't! HMMMMM......
At work I got the idea of a swirly block and drew it out. Then I started Googling swirly blocks. I know I've seen something similar, but could not find one. So, I decided to make my own design.
It took a bit of drawing, calculating and thinking.
But it turned out exactly like I had imagined!! :) Happy Dance!!

This is how I will piece the back now. I was going to put a heart in the center, but now it will be the label for the quilt. The white rays will hold all of Hayden's statistics in my own handwriting and the quilt will remain nice and soft!!
I'm very happy with the results and can now finally finish her quilt. I would like to teach myself how to draw out the block in EQ7 as I have some ideas for more quilt designs from it!!

Take Care, Happy Quilting and keep that mind sharp!! Martha


  1. What a lovely and loving pieced block backing. Beautifully Creative...


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