My Dear Jane

A-3 Hunter's Moon

A-11 Pebble's Protest

F-4 Old Windmill
J-13 Pam's Bells

G-3 Four Leaf Clover
K-9 Scout's Honor
C-3 Rayelle's Fence or Love The Scotties
D-7 Meeting Place
A-13 Starlight-Starbright
I-3 Family Album
L-11 Caitlin's Rose
H-12 Hannah Lou's Hearts
J-10 Chieko's Calla Lily (the blocks on the right) The bottom two blocks in pink were made for my Jane's Little Schoolhouse quilt.
M-10 Simple Simon

M-12 Hopscotch


  1. I love all yours DJ blocks. Beautiful color. Looking forward to see some more.

    1. Thank You Paula. They sure are fun to put together and I love all the 30's fabrics. The hard part is picking which one to use!!!


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