Sunday, September 15, 2019

Quilt Donations literally :^)

This little quilt was finished at the end of August. Dupioni silk top and 100wt silk thread. I donated it to the Lunafest which is happening in Corvallis Oregon on September 22nd. Samaritan Health Services, who I work for, is sponsoring the event. They are having a silent auction and this little quilt will be part of it!!

I am now working on a second quilt for another silent auction. This one is for Ophelia's Place. You can check it out!!!

I am not finished with their's yet but still have another week before it needs to be done. Here is my progress so far.

My thread keeps breaking when I try to do the tiny sketching. I am using Aurifil 50wt cotton. I have tried three different needles. I will keep trying!!! Makes it take a lot longer. My other idea is to slow myself down. That might help the thread.

I will post the finished quilt!!

Take care and Happy Quilting and Sewing and whatever else you love to do!!! martha


  1. Both the quilts are just stunning. I am surprised the Aurifil is breaking..what size needles have you been using? I generally can get by with a size 80 sharp, but have had to go up to a 90 sharp or topstitch. Good luck with that!

    1. Thank you for your advice on the thread!!! I wasn't sure about using a larger needle!!! I appreciate you taking the time to comment, so helpful!

  2. I just love precision quilting (and neat & tidy houses - I can't do either). But am thrilled to see to see them! This quilt is just beautiful,neat and tidy!

    1. Thank you Patti, I try to keep things neat but when I am on a roll it gets a bit messy here too!!!. Thanks for the visit!!!!


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