Sunday, July 14, 2019

Denim bag/purse and not much quilting

 I got an idea to make a simple little lined purse with denim fabric with the addition of some great quilting fabric for my daughter in laws aunt who just turned 60. The bag ended up being a little skinnier and taller than I had planned,but all in all it turned out cute. The horses reminded me of her and her free spirit.

 It has an adjustable strap that can easily be taken off as each end has a lobster clip that attaches to the D rings I sewed in.

 I also made her a matching keychain with her name and nickname. She loves to be known as Skarry, but her legal name is Sherry. So both are on the keychain and she lived that!!!

 I do love making the keychains with the lobster clip, makes it convenient to attach it to a D-ring on your bag/purse, inside or out.

And of course she needed to have a charm on her keychain. The heart if from me, and the skull is my husband's addition as she loved to ride on the back of a motorcycle.

I think it is time to get back to my quilting, I am missing it greatly.

Take care my friends and happy quilting and sewing!!!



  1. Thank You Judy, so fun working with the old denim!!! I am planning on making many more different designs. We will see where it takes me!!! :^)


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