Monday, June 12, 2017

Work Table Happenings

Hi there!!! I wanted to show you what's on the cutting table and what I have been currently working on.. But that makes it sound like the removal of something. So "Work Table Happenings" will be a new category because there is always something going on there!!!😁

These are all leftovers from a previous project!!!  I will do a blog post about the process of creating this one soon!! It now lives in Mattapoisette Massachusetts. So, notice the border. This is where all those leftovers came from.

I have been playing with them, moving them around until it felt right.

Below you can see that I've begun the sewing process. I have absolutely no idea where this is going but I will keep you all in the info loop!!

I'm also working on this little beauty. My birth on made the quilt, did all the appliqué. I added the white outer border. She asked me to quilt it for her and said I could do whatever I want with it. We will be seeing her this week as we're on a road trip across Oregon. Then we'll be driving across Washington.

All pinned and ready to quilt. Notice the markings. I used a template for that.

And so it begins!!!!

I decided to quilt in a little dragonfly.

Front and back-all quilted and ready for the binding!!!! I shall get his completed in time. What a great feeling at is!!!!!

You can see that the end process is in progress!!!

Later!!! Happy Quilting!!


  1. your play with left overs is working so well and how good to have a space where you can leave it spread out. The quilted hanging is a real delight and there is going to be one very happy lady when she gets it back

    1. Thank you Margie!! My mother was very pleased with her little quilt and quite surprised. I didn't tell her I was bringing it back to her all finished. That was fun!!! I still need to finish up the piecing of my leftover top, then I am going to applique some flowers over it. Hopefully it turns out how I see it!! Take Care.

  2. Love to read about your process. I enlarged the photos so I could really see your quilting. My gosh, it is so beautiful. What a piece.

    1. Thank You Jocelyn, I certainly have a lot of fun quilting!! Sometimes I wish I had more time in the day so I could get it all done!! Ah well, someday!! Thanks so much for the visit!!!


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