Saturday, April 22, 2017

Seahorse Quilt

 Here is my Seahorse quilt finally finished!!! It is hand-appliqued!!!! You can find the pattern here at the Pacific Rim Quilt Shop. They have a lot of these two fabric applique patterns!!!!!
I started this in 2012 when I was doing the 2012 Freemotion Quilting Challenge sponsored and organized by SewCalGal. Her site is now called QuiltShopGal and she is doing many more challenges. She is totally amazing!!! I am still so thankful for that year of lessons!!!!

The border of this quilt was a lesson from Leah Day. It was tricky to do, but once I got in the flow of the design it got much easier.

So the next challenge was to finish all the rest of the quilting. My goal for 2017 is to finish up several of the tops I have completed. And there are many of them!!!

I am currently working on 2 quilts that were started awhile back. One is on the Juki and the other is on my Viking Lily with the walking foot. If I get bored with one, I just move to the next machine!!

Bailey always has to check things out for me!!!

This quilt is hanging at my old office. I have about 26 quilts on the walls of that medical office, 7 at another medical office and 7 at the medical office I am working in. About every 6 months I rotate the quilts from office to office. It takes most of the day to do that!!! But as long as my co-workers and our patients enjoy the scenery, I will continue with doing it.

Take Care friends!!! Happy Quilting!!! Martha


  1. what a spectacular quilt I am sure everyone will enjoy seeing this one. Like you I need to quilt some flimsies, have done 9 this year but oh dear my walking foot broke a couple of days ago, a piece has come off went to the man that services it and he is off having had a hip replacement redone that had gone wrong and will not be back till june good excuse to delay the quilting, have started doing one by hand instead but it is only small.

  2. Thank You Margie!!! This one was so nice to finish up, finally!!
    How awful for you to have to wait for your machine!!!!! I would be so very impatient. I have one that needs to go in to be serviced and just dread it being gone! How silly is that?
    Lucky for you that you hand quilt. I did one small quilt by hand and it took me forever to get done! I admire you!!!

  3. What a great idea and inspiration to all who look at the work, Just lovely

    1. Thank You Margaret, I'm glad to inspire!!! I think that's the best part of quilting, sharing what we do with others!! Thanks for visiting and have a lovely week!


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