Saturday, January 7, 2017

Christmas 2016 = Harley Davidsons' and One Cute Scooter

Me and my husband, Mr. and Mrs Claus!! My second time riding on my own!!
In a dress!!
For the Road Maggots annual Toy Run for the children in
our community.
My outfit for the day-December 11th.
I had to make the arms of the dress longer because whoever
they sized it for, had really short arms.
Also made the bag and covered my helmet.
My helmet, before and after. It matched the additional fabric for my arms
and my the belt I made for the dress. PERFECTION!!
The following is the construction of my bag. Candy bag that is. Mrs. Claus must have a candy bag!!

This worked out perfect and I was able to carry it on the bike with no problem.

It was a really fun day and I was very proud of myself for riding in a dress and not falling over!! This was just the second time riding on my scooter.

Sorry for not posting this sooner, 
So many things to do.
So little time.



  1. How cute and what fun! Love the idea of covering your helmet to match your dress. Very clever! What kind of scooter do you have? It looks like something I could handle. What is the mph range...faster than a moped? Looks like you had a fun day for a great cause!

    1. Hi there, so sorry for the delayed response. I have a Genuine Buddy 150cc scooter. It can get up to 60mph!!! But I will not be riding it out on the main highway, will use it for going to work which is just 3 miles away!!!.

  2. what a fun time it must have been both for you and the children. I wqs lucky to see the bikers arriving at the hospital my brother is a patient in just before Christmas. I was walking past the childrens wards when they pulled up, only one in christmas clothing but they all put santa hats on when they took their helmets off, I am sure the children enjoyed it all.S sad for them to be in hospital over Christmas

    1. Hi Margaret!!! I love that you got to see the bikers, so awesome to see the other side of them. They look big and tough but most are big teddy bears. We sure had a fun day!

  3. Hi, I loved being part of the Toy Run here in Melbourne, something I haven't done for a number of years now. You looked amazing, glad you had fun doing such a worthwhile cause. Regards Wendy

    1. Thank you Wendy. Isn't it so awesome that the bikers have toy runs around the world. Love that!!! We did have fun and I am so glad that I did not put my little bike down, I was SO NERVOUS!!! This summer I will get lots of practice time in.


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