Wednesday, May 11, 2016


I have not been doing much quilting lately. What I have been doing is working on my Freedom From Smoking classes that I am currently teaching, along with designing an office "program" for our patients who are wanting to quit smoking. Their packet will be called, "Your Personal Quit Program". I am designing handouts and a 4 session counseling program. So far, a lot of work!! But fun.
I have also:

Laid these bricks off our front porch!!
Bottled and corked my plum wine. We got
23 bottles!!! Next up will be the grape wine!

And I have been making a couple sun catchers.
I had to get one made, including getting dozens
of little driftwood pieced we found drilled with
holes for stringing the beads.
This was our monthly craft project for the
Women of the Maggots!! Yes, our husbands,
boyfriends call their motorcycle group The
Road Maggots!!! I started the craft group
in January!! Lots of fun but lots of prep
work for me!!!
I will be glad when I get all my tobacco handouts done and in an easy to use format for our patients. And I will be glad when I get my Freedom From Smoking classes all in an easy to use lesson plan. I can then get back to quilting!!!

Enough for now, need to work on Session Seven for class today.

Take care and do some quilting for me!!! Martha


  1. Spring isn't a season when I get any quilting done either . . . not unless I have a baby gift to make. Spring is for being outdoor :)

    1. I know what you mean Connie. I love being outside digging in the soil, planting and LOVE laying rocks and bricks and such!! So fun!

  2. hope the stop smoking plans work I was a lucky girl woke one morning and did not want a cigarette, I was 39 then 30 years later and have never wanted one since, not bad as I was a 30 a day girl.
    Love the bricks you have laid and I am sure the wine will be very tasty. Sun catchers will look lovely in the gardens or will some of them be hanging from the bikes.

    1. Hi Margaret, so glad you were able to quit so easily!! You had some strong determination. I am hoping for the same results with my patients!!! I am on my second 5 gallon batch of wine ready to bottle then will be done with that process for a year or so. Haven't gotten any new wine brewing at this point. Although the cherries and raspberries are coming on and I am wondering what the two together would taste like in a wine!!?? Hmmm... We will see!! Take care!

  3. What a wonderful worthwhile project your stop smoking oneis. You have some terrific crafty projects on the go too. Wonderful!

    1. Thank you Jocelyn. I am enjoying these new endeavors and the craft projects are always fun. I will soon be back to my quilting though!!! Missing it terribly.

  4. I quit, too - about 12 years ago - woke up one morning and wondered how long I could go without a cigarette. I told myself that I could have one anytime I wanted but if I did - I would have to start counting over. I got buckets of "Red Vines" at Costco and kept a full - open pack of cigarettes in my purse for over a year. After one day - one week - two weeks - one month - two months - three months - etc. I wanted to NOT start counting over more than I wanted a cigarette. I was a pack a day girl.

    Your suncatchers are pretty - and I love your bricks - they look like a quilt pattern - ;))

    1. That is an awesome Testimonial. With your permission, I would love to share with my patients!!! Great job on quitting!! I am really enjoying this new phase in my work life, so good to really be a part of someones new and healthy life choice. Thanks so much for sharing!!!


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