Monday, April 25, 2016

Quilted Postcards for mailing

Yes, more quilted postcards!! These are fun and easy to make and perfect when there are so many things taking up my time!!! At least I can get a little quilting done and actually finish the project!!!

Fabric all marked, pinned,  and ready to quilt.
One done and one to go!
Both quilted!!!
Finished and ready to mail!!
Here's the thread I used for the quilting and edge. Coats and Clark
variegated thread.
Closeup of the back
And the other postcard also with Coats and Clark thread.
The back of both cards.

I found the stamp and ink at Hobby Lobby. I did remove a little
bit of the stamp. There were parts that I didn't want on the card.
And this little gem is what I got from my swap partner this month. Isn't it just
the sweetest!!?? She did needle felting and beading with applique and quilting.
I love it!!!

Take my quilting friends. Have a lovely day!!! Martha 
Remember to keep those needles sharp and changed!!!


  1. beautiful postcards easy well maybe to you the quilting is so beautiful I dream of one day being able to quilt like that! The needle felted card has given me an idea having a embellishing machine and lots of fabrics created on it maybe now I can do something with them, they are lurking in a box

    1. Thank You Margaret!! I love hearing from you, makes my day :^) I am anxious to see what you come up with using your embellishing machine. I am not sure what one is?? I must investigate!!!


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