Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Quilted Feathers and Cross

Another framed free motion quilted feather, or three actually!!! Framing the little quilt allows it to be used by more people. Not everyone has room on their wall for a quilt, but make it little and put it in a frame, and now it is more user friendly!!! This can be on the wall or sit on a shelf!!! PERFECT!!!

This little quilt will be sold at my church during their bazaar next month :^)

The fabric was a free give-away, so not sure the content. Feels like a fine silk, but could simply be a brushed satin. I really have no idea!!!

using the lightbox to trace
design transferred to fabric
my lightbox
I redrew the design and will do this one next
the original design
I pressed freezer paper to the back to make
it easier to draw on, The fabric is really

The layering process. I start with Quilters Dream Cotton
Then top with Quilters Dream Wool

Then pin baste
I used Isacord thread for the first time. Worked
Quilting on my Juki TL-98Q
All done with the quilting
I shaded the cross with some gray Crayola Crayon!
Hope you enjoyed the show!!! Take Care, Happy Quilting and see you soon again!!! Keep those scissors sharp!! Martha


  1. Gorgeous!
    And I love this piece framed!
    What an amazing work of art to contribute to your church bazaar!

    1. Thank You Doreen!! I sure hope they like it, I haven't heard a word from the bazaar committee!! I have another small quilt to finish up for them so hopefully both will bring in some money!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank You Marjorie!! It was fun to make. Sometimes I have more fun when I am working on a donation project, I just hope it will bring in some cash for the church!!

  3. such beautiful quilting and I am sure there will be plenty of people wanting to buy your feathers

    1. Thank You Margaret!! I sure hope there is at least one person willing to pay money for it :^). I have another to quilt, just like this one that I may give to one of my co-workers. Although I think I will put it on her desk when she isn't there because it will make her cry. She is a sweety!!!

  4. What a beautiful gift this little framed piece will make for someone. It's exquisite Martha!

    1. Thank You Pat!! It was fun to make and I sure hope it brings in some money for church. I have another small quilt to finish up for the bazaar, hopefully I will get it done in time!!!

  5. Awesome! I hope you/it was able to raise a lot of money for your church!


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