Saturday, October 24, 2015

Karla Alexander was at our guild today!!!

Karla Alexander came to our guild meeting today and gave us a fabulous lecture, click on her name to go to her web site, lots of great goodies awaits you!!!

We are a really small guild, I think we have about 16-20 members for the lecture. It was so good and we all learned a lot about Karla's quilts.

I bought a pattern and one of her rulers. Wish I had brought more money, I would have taken a book home.

So now I will give you some eye candy. Karla's quilts that she brought to show us. So amazing!!! She is a good speaker, warm personality, fabulous designer!!

It was a great guild meeting today!!! Thank You Karla!!!! And thanks to Jean and Shirley for helping to hold and fold the quilts-fabulous day indeed!!!

Take Care, Happy Quilting and see you again soon!!! Martha


  1. what an inspirational show of quilts a wonderful talk and show and tell I would have loved to have been there

    1. That would be so cool if you had been here!!! Karla has written 8 books, has lots of patterns and teaches all over the USA. I'm not sure if she goes to Europe, but she should!!!
      Our guild is really small but one of our members knows here personally which is how we got her to come see us. :^)


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