Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dear Jane-Row A-Blocks 9,10 & 12

Three more Dear Jane Quilt blocks done and I am now finished with an entire row!! I am pleased but I have a really long way to go as there are 13 rows of 13 blocks in the quilt. That is not counting the triangle borders!!!

A-10 Which Points West-I hand pieced this one in
an evening. It was tricky!!
Here is is almost done. Once I finished the hand
sewing, I trimmed it to 5"
A-9 Cabin Fever was paper pieced. I think I
counted 45 pieced in this one little block!!
I will admit, I am not the best paper piecer and
am very slow with it. I get totally turned around!
A-12 Framed Fancy-also paper pieced-just 41
pieced in this one!!

Below are the finished blocks ready for sashing.
I am still not sure what fabric to use for the sashing. I've
been looking at a lot of Dear Jane quilts online to see what
they did. So many variations and all so amazing and
beautiful. I am so not sure of what to do!!!

I am already starting on the B row. I think I will continue in order from here on out. So B-1 and B-2 are just about ready for hand applique. I am not sure if I will work on two at a time or three. Hmmm.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend-Happy Quilting and keep those scissors sharp!! Martha


  1. Your blocks are all gorgeous! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you Doreen!! I could not do this without your help, truly! I am very excited to begin a second row, but wish I had a plan for the sashing and outer triangles. I will just keep looking at others finished quilts and hope for the perfect idea!!


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