Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Santiam Scrappers 2014 Challenge

Our guild is doing a challenge this year and I am participating in it!! Shirley came up with the instructions, and each month we get a new set. I started with 4 blocks, and narrowed it down to two!!
I'm using blocks that I tested for Quilt Maker Magazine 100 blocks!!
Here are the instructions for the Challenge:

Santiam Scrappers Quilt Guild Challenge 2014
The challenge this year will be done in stages, similar to a “round robin” or “row” quilt. The finished sixe is up to you. It may be a bed quilt, wall hanging, crib quilt, or a wearable item.
Round One: The first month (March) you need to bring your starting block. At each following month, 2 things will be drawn from the hat. You will have the choice of which item you want to use in your quilt. Each month you are urged to bring you block to show and share what you are doing.
**Constructions can be done in a variety of ways. You can treat each month like a round robin, adding the technique as a border. Or you may enhance your original block into a row setting, adding rows each month, or you may do it as a sampler quilt with each round done as a separate block.
**Since there are just 6 round, you may want to do 2 blocks each month to give you 12 blocks for a bed sized quilt.
**Fabric will come from each participant-you will provide your own-your choice of type, color, etc.
**The challenge will begin in March, with another round each month through August. We will allow a month off in September to allow time for quilting. And we will have the “reveal” in October.
**We want to encourage you to be “challenged” to be original in setting, color way, use of some new technique to you or something that takes you out of your usual comfort zone. This will work best if we have a lot of participants! We want to see your work!!
For information: contact Shirley.
Round Two: Hexagons
                      Or Dimensional (trapunto-folded flowers-yoyo’s-manipulated fabric-etc…..
Round Three: Stripe or Polka Dot fabric

                         Or 9-patch

On Round Two, I added pin tucks on the top block and trapunto on the bottom.

Round three is due this Saturday and I have begun but have done NO sewing yet!!! I found some polka dot fabric and as soon as I am done with a postcard I am working on, I will get the round done in time for guild on Saturday!!!
This is a lot of fun and even more fun to see what everyone else is coming up with!!! Our presidents daughter who is around 9 or 10 is also participating!!! Very Cool!!

Take Care, Happy Quilting, and keep those minds sharp!!! Martha :^)

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  1. how good to be doing something in a group where you meet up so can see what everyone is creating, seeing the bocks on the computer does not do them justice and is hard to picture the actual size, I am sure you are enjoying this project


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