Sunday, April 27, 2014

Having fun with Free Motion Quilting!!

I had fun sewing all these silk scraps together!!
 First I sewed strips of leftovers together, then cut them up and sewed them again!!
Once sewn, I pinned the layers together. Cotton back and wool batting.
 Here's the quilted sandwich done again.
 These are my templates for postcards and bookmarks.
 I traced them onto freezer paper.
Cut them out and pressed them onto the quilt sandwich. Whoops, there's an extra space left over. HMMMMM...........................

So I added another piece. That will be a later post!!!
 With my walking foot, I stitched around all the pieces. You can see the close up detail below.
 I free motion stitched a design onto the tiny quilt top and then cut it out. Mainly because it was supposed to be in the mail on the 22nd!!! I am LATE!!!
 All stitched and cut away from the main piece. Now to trim it up and add the layers for the postcard.
 All nice trimmed!!
 And the finished postcard ready to be mailed. FUN!!! I have two more postcards to free motion sketch and one book mark, and one additional surprise to make!!
Thanks for visiting, Happy Quilting and keep those needles sharp!!! Martha


  1. Inspirational. Gorgeous quilting and I love seeing how you turn it into postcards and even bookmarks. Silly me, as I hadn't thought of quilted bookmarks. Great idea.


  2. so good you have shared these instructions with us, i am a learner very much a learner when it comes to machine quilting

  3. Your free motion quilting is gorgeous!
    I really enjoyed the tutorial and the amazing postcard you made from this piece!

  4. What a great idea to make a larger quilted piece and then cut into postcards! I have so many partially made things like orphan blocks and perhaps I can quilt those and make postcards from them. Thanks Martha got the inspiration!

  5. Love, love, love these! When I make postcards I do them four at a time. But not quite like are giving me ideas...


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