Saturday, March 1, 2014

Stupendous Stitching-DONE!!

I took a class on Craftsy, Stupendous Stitching, and I am finally done!! Wahoooo!!! So nice to be done with a project.
This was an interesting technique and I actually followed the instructions almost completely!!

I did a lot of quilting that I hadn't planned on doing. I made the mistake of choosing a batting that was way too heavy or too much loft. So it really needed the intense quilting. I will NOT do that again!!!
 I also glued it to a foam board which is glued to stretcher bars. I really debated on this one, gluing my little quilt????? Hmmmmmmm, that was a hard one. But I did it and I am OK with it!! :^)

Applying the glue

and after!! Scribble pebbles!!

Good learning process and challenge!! Now on to the next project :^)

Take Care, Happy Quilting and keep those needles sharp!! Martha


  1. Your stupendous stitching looks marvellous! I especially love the feathers you've added to it, a good idea!


  2. wow Martha, that is just stunning. I love how you have done that. Makes me feel a tinge guilty - I have that course too...but so far not touched it. you have really done an incredible lot of work on that and its beautiful!

  3. OOps left a comment but its not here... so again - your work is stunning and I love all the work that has gone into this.

  4. Wow, love the couching, combinations of fiber and threads you used. Gorgeous!

  5. a great project, not sure about glue but if it not for an heirloom I am sure it will be okay, long term glue I think can damage fabric etc or so we were taught when I did my C & G embroidery qualifications

  6. the little surprise of the lamb..


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