Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New stencils and check out Flo's quilt at guild!!!

These came in the mail yesterday!!! Love them :^) I have been wanting a spiral stencil to help with the eveness of the spacing. Now I have just what I need!!! I couldn't resist the square "spiral" and since I was ordering, why not one more???

This is where I purchased them from. Quick service!! Less then a week from order to my door step!!!

We had our quilt guild meeting this past Saturday and I wanted to show you Flo's quilt. She is amazing. Comes up with her own designs and does such an awesome job on her quilts!!!!
Isn't this beautiful??!!
And the back. She thought the fabric was ugly and just wanted to use it all up. I love it!!!
Have a lovely week, Happy Quilting and keep those needles sharp or replace them!! Martha


  1. Have fun playing with your new stencils!

  2. Wonderful new stencils Martha!
    I really LOVE the pineapple...I am adding it to my wish list. (grin)

    What a stunning quilt - thank you for sharing.
    Her work is truly inspiring!

  3. can see both spiral stencils getting well used. Your friend`s quilt is delightful


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