Saturday, November 30, 2013

GO DUCKS/And Thanksgiving treats!!

Civil War quilts at work. Beavers on the left, Ducks on the right!!
Our hallway at work. We decorated for both!!
My wonderful receptionists. And I mean that!!! They are amazing women who make my job easier. They are efficient, kind, and simply amazing!! We decorated their area too!! :^)
I worked on this flag this past week. The OREGON was on the side and my husband didn't like it. So I cut it off and used black nylon flag material to make a whole new flag. We hung it up in our front window.
And then we were off to the game!
Here come the Ducks!!

Autzen Stadium, Eugene Oregon
And here comes our mascot, our beloved Duck on a Harley!!

Yes, he rides in style!!

We won the game, by one point. It was a very intense game at the end. The Ducks did not play to their potential. The Beavers actually played a really good game, I think better than the Ducks. It was exausting!!

This is what our house looked like when we got home. We left in daylight. I put the flag in the window and positioned a lamp behind it, centered. Looks pretty cool with the porch lights in yellow and green!!
Thanksgiving Breakfast!!
Then I made KrumKake, my grandmothers specialty
And as I am making my KrumKake, I noticed the quilting designs in the iron!! Hmmmmmmm......

Now back to my quilting!!!!

Take care all, Happy Quilting, Go Ducks, and keep those needles sharp!!! Martha

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