Sunday, November 17, 2013

Felting and making OSU quilted coasters

This is what I did on my birthday yesterday
crocheted a project
made it up as I went as I do not read instructions very well!!
self taught lefty!!

I wanted to make a bowl to felt 
using two different wool yarns
done with crochet-I am a super slow knitter!!
ready to felt in the washer-I have a front load washer now and they are not the best for felting-but it is what it is
after the first hot wash
not bad but needs another round
but first I cut into the bowl and folded the edge down
Maddie wanted to pose with the bowl :^)
I hand stitched the fold down with the same yarn and actually trimmed up the flaps a bit
Maddie approves!!
It went back into the washer and it felted much better and is now in the hot dryer!! Fun stuff!!

I also made OSU coasters for our neighbor!
I don't usually have Beaver fabric in the house, but these are for a gift for a neighbor who just turned 90
He and his wife love the Beavers, so Beaver coasters it is!!

I had a really fun birthday just doing whatever I wished!!! 5 years to retirement!!! Wahoo!!!

Take care, Happy Quilting and keep those needles sharp!!! Martha


  1. Happy belated birthday. Great job on the bowl and the coasters. My son in law is a beaver graduate and fan. So I have Beaver fabric in my house too.

    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes Debbie!!! Our neighbors loved the Beaver coaster and the fact that we, Duck fans, made them. They are fabulous neighbors and I plan on making a few more Beaver gifts for them!!! Thanks for the visit!!! Martha

  2. Happy Belated birthday Martha!
    Wishing you a WONDERFUL year of health, happiness and prosperity!

    Love the bowl tutorial - thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Doreen!! It was a nice birthday and the bowl was fun!!! Thanks so much for the visit!!


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