Monday, October 28, 2013

2013 FMQ Challenge-Libby Lehman Threadplay

I started this piece back in February for SewCal Gal's FMQ Challenge #1. I did not do well on the satin stitching on the flames and put it aside for way too long and recently picked it back up to get it finished up.

We were given the opportunity to watch a program from The Quilt Show featuring Libby Lehman and her amazing Threadplay and Sheer Ribbon Illusions. The technique is fun and amazing!!!! I wish I would have played with it sooner as it is really cool!!!

I first tried just putting a stablizer on the back and stitching without a hoop. WRONG!!! Lots of puckering of the fabric, so I took it all out. Even with the hoop I still have some puckering, but nothing like I had in the beginning!!!

It took me awhile to get the sequence down, but once I did, it was easy and fun!!

In the hoop and once section done
First I used a peach 100wt YLI silk thread and filled in the space
Then I added the dark 50wt Mettler cotton 
Then lastly, white 100wt YLI silk
Another section done
You can see that I drew out the design, then stitched the outlines
Almost done

Done with the stitching, now I need to finish the satin stitching and quilting and my husband has his own little Harley Love quilt!!!
Thank you to SewCal Gal to keep giving us the opportunity to work on our skills, learn new techniques and meet some wonderful teachers and quilters along the way. I appreciate all the work you have done for us and the quilting world.

Take care, Happy Quilting and keep those scissors sharp!! Martha


  1. Looks go good Martha - well done!!

  2. Welll; Martha....I think you did a fantastic job!! I tried the technique way back their too. It did not go I too didn;t use the hoop, but you tried again....great job!!

  3. I attended a Ricky Tims seminar and a class with Libby Lehman where she demonstrated her ribbon technique., truly awesome. Your ribbons are great! Love the wqhole little quilt and I'm sure your husband does too.


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