Monday, September 23, 2013

Busy quilting houses!!

Busy trying to get these schoolhouses quilted!!
They are turning out really cute, but taking a lot more time than anticipated!

It's Monday and I still have five houses to quilt and the inside sashing!!!
I am now officially getting worried!!
I got the shadingdone on the vest back but no time to finish the quilting before the show. But it will still be at the show, more later :^0
My two grand-daughters. Cousins :^) How sweet if I do say so myself!!! Alex came over and spent Friday night with us. She worked on her quilt that she started years ago. Picked it up immediately, cutting and piecing!!! What fun it was. Then we spent a good hour with Hayden who is doing well!!
Alex took this photo of  Hayden while she was holding her!!! Two beautiful girls :)

Take Care, Happy Quilting and keep those scissors sharp. Next posting will be about the show. I will be doing something a little unconventional I think!!!

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  1. The quilting on your houses looks so detailed and wonderful!
    What beautiful pictures of your grand daughters!


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