Thursday, May 9, 2013

"Flo" is done!!

I started this little quilt in June, 2012, for our Free Motion Quilting Challenge. Our teacher was Cindy Needham. I had the border and binding to finish, and FINALLY got that done!!! I may be naming it Flo. The design seems to flow, and then I thought about naming it after my husbands Aunt Flo who passed away several months ago. We loved her dearly and miss her much!

So, I wanted to show you the double binding I put on this. Someone, somewhere, at some time that I cannot remember now, posted a tutorial by Aunt Marti and a double binding tutorial. You can find it at here at Tuesday Tutorial:Susie's Magic Binding which is in "Thirteen in '13! UFO Challenge blog by Aunt Marti!! That was a mouthful!! The complete instructions are there for you!!! She has a really nice blog too, so check it out when you have time!!
Before binding, but after machine quilting the border 
This binding uses two fabrics. The wider fabric on the left is the accent and will show up as a little flange or edge
Now I need to sew the strips short edge to short edge, then sew the two long pieces together.
Sewing the binding to the back of the quilt.
I always use my walking foot to apply the binding. It goes on so much nicer that way!!!
When I get to the hanging sleeve, I pin it well before going any further
All pinned and ready to continue
You apply the binding exactly like any other binding

Perfect corner!! :^)
Binding on, and pressed lightly. I've never done that, but that was Aunt Marti's suggestion and it does help when you are turning the binding to the front.
And the front, all pinned and ready to machine stitch down.
And now, you machine stitch it down! A huge time saver for sure. Stitching in the ditch !! Awesome!!!
I love the look of the "double" binding!!! What a fabulous technique for sewing a fancy binding on!!

Well that's it for today. Have a lovely day, take care, Happy Quilting, and keep those seam rippers sharp, I know mine are as I put them in use last night!!! Martha


  1. Beautiful finish, and thanks for sharing the link for the double binding tutorial!

  2. Wow!!!! Your quilting is over-the-top gorgeous!!!!

  3. Your quilt is fabulous! Quilting is beautiful and the color scheme really harmonious.

  4. That little quilt is stunning, I love the double binding, I have seen it done before but have never tried it myself, it really does finish the quilt.

  5. Thank you everyone for such kind comments!!! It was a fun quilt to make and the binding was so easy to do. I will have to use this technique more often!!

  6. Flo is absolutely beautiful. I do so hope you'll enter this quilt in a show. Overall design, movement, colors just draw in my eye to enjoy the texture and creativity. Love it!


  7. Hi Martha! Congratulations on getting it D.O.N.E.! Feels good, huh? Last year I asked your permission to share a copy of your work in my Designs Workshops...and I have. Everyone is blown away by your fabulous quilting...thank you for inspiring ALL of us! Big Hugs, Cindy :)

  8. This is just stunning, Martha! I love it, and would be interested in trying not only the center quilting study, but that double binding with the piped edge! Such an attractive piece; it looks a little Zen-doodly!


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