Monday, April 29, 2013

QuiltMaker Magazine 100 Blocks Volume 7-Unofficial Blog Tour

I am not on the official tour because I am not one of the designers. But I was one of the block testers and was given the opportunity to make a quilt using 3 of the blocks I tested using a new line of fabrics called Home To Roost, designed by Terri Degenkolb, and manufactured by Red Rooster Fabrics.

Here's my quilt before I shipped it to Golden Colorado for a photo shoot.

Now it is hanging in the quilt gallery at QuiltMaker Magazine.

Here's the magazine. It should be out in the quilt shops on May 7th.

Side view and Maddie :^)

Close up of the embroidery in the center
And the back of the quilt.
 This is the second volume I have worked on for QuiltMaker Magazine. Testing blocks was an interesting occupation. We get the block instructions sent to us via the computer and are given 2 weeks to complete. Once done, we take pictures of the finished block and fill out a Block Evaluation form. The main purpose is to make sure the instructions are correct before the magazine is published. It was a lot of fun and I am a bit sad that I am no longer "working" for them. We are only allowed to work on two volumes to make room for others who want to be a part of Quiltmaker Magazine. I am glad that I had the chance to work with them. It was fun, a bit stressful at times with deadlines looming overhead, but very educational!!

Here are some of the blocks that I tested/made!!
Love Blooms by Amy Rullkoetter
Hootie by Shayla Wolfe
Candy Stripe by Jacquelynne Steves
Trendster by Jocelyn Ueng
Enchanted by Amy Ellis
Meadow Glory by Jo Moury
Whirly Zig by Heidi Foltz
Lollipop Lollipop by Amanda Murphy
Between the Lines by Melissa Peda
Framed by Corey Yoder
Flowers Around by Gail Pan
Tilt-a-Whirl by Chris Hoover
So this is all the blocks that I tested for Volume 7!! Now I will turn them into small quilt wall-hangings, or quilted bags, or quilted pillows or????? Not quite sure yet :)
Here's my quilt in the magazine along with a couple others.
And another close up!!!
This was a really great experience and I would love to work with them again! Maybe I will try my hand at designing a block?? Hmmmm??!!

Take care everyone, Happy Quilting and keep those needles sharp!! Martha


  1. WOW what a beautiful quilt. I love your quilting on it. How long did it take you to piece and quilt it? Can wait to get a copy of the magazine.

    1. I think it took me about a month to piece and quilt this. I didn't have much time because I was waiting for blocks that would work with the fabric that I was given!!! It was a race against time for sure!!! Thank you so much for your kind words :^) Martha

  2. Congratulations Martha! What a gorgeous quilt! Look forward to seeing the magazine.

  3. What a stunning quilt!
    How awesome that it is hanging in the Quilt Gallery!
    All of your test blocks look wonderful too - curious to see how you use them in future projects.

  4. Congratulations.Love your quilt and the quilting,Great job!!

  5. WOW! love it!! I am so thrilled to see my block in the middle!!

  6. That is one gorgeous quilt! That would be fun to do if there weren't a deadline looming. I love some of those blocks you got to test and you did a wonderful job on all of them. Did you find any patterns with mistakes?

  7. I found your blog by doing a Google search. I really like the blocks that you tested and the quilt looks great. Thanks for an "unofficial" tour of the new magazine.

  8. Simply beautiful colours...lovely!

    1. Thank you Kaylan. It was fun to do and Gail's block is just perfect for the center!!! Thanks for the vist!!!

  9. Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous quilt! Gail Pan posted a link on her blog so that we could hop over here and see more of this beauty. Really wonderful quilt. I love the blocks and I love the fabrics used in this piece. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  10. It's a wonderful quilt, I love the colors, the blocks, the layout. Everything, it's perfect!


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