Monday, March 4, 2013

My Dear Jane-Blocks A-3 and G-3 (#3 and #4)

My Dear Jane,

Well, in the beginning of this journey, not too long ago, I had decided to make My Dear Jane blocks in order. That lasted just three blocks. I am now out of order :^) and I am OK with that!!

So we took a trip to the coast and spent two nights in our little RV. (little house on wheels)
It was beautiful at the Oregon Coast!!! I love it there!! It was cold though, but we stayed nice and cozy in our RV!!
We had a simply lovely time!! Found some agates on the beach and enjoyed watching the waves come in!!!

So back to the sewing saga.

 I brought my sewing along to relax, and half way there I realized I had left my applique box that contains a beautiful array of threads, and the only thread I had with me was white!!! Hmmmmm. Soooooooooo..... hand applique in white. Out of the five blocks to do while resting, only two had enough white to work on . And I was OK with that :^). No reason to fret, because I could not change a thing and I did bring along a good book to read!!!! So all is well!!!

So this is how I did G-3 Four Leaf Clover. A-3-Hunters Moon was done similarly.
First I traced it onto freezer paper

this is the fabric I chose for it-love this!!!
this is the pattern from the software.
pressed the freezer paper onto the right side of the fabric
cut the patterns out leaving a little margin to turn
I finger pressed the edges, removed the freezer paper, and hand basted the edges down. Yes. I know this is time consuming and needle turn would work better and would be quicker. I am miserable at needle turn. This method works for me and it doesn't stress me out like needle turn does. I just go with what works. A little more labor intensive, but I'm OK with that!!
Pinned and ready! 
I really do enjoy hand applique!! This is relaxing!!
And done!!
Only 165 more blocks to go, not including the triangle blocks :^)

 Take care everyone, Happy Quilting and keep those needles sharp!!! Martha


  1. Beach time is always good for the spirit! Your blocks are looking great!

  2. Have you tried doing needle turn with the freezer paper left on top? Elly Sienkiewicz teaches that method, and while I at first found it awkward to say the least, I'm getting better at it. Also a good technique to use to get nice round circles--she uses those sticky dots from the office supply store! You're inspiring me to get my blocks out...

  3. Glad you had a great time at the coast. We went over Sat for the day at Lincoln City. We found our 2nd glass float near the beach at Roads End. Hope you got my Email about the State Fair. Have a great week.

  4. It's very important to take all your THREAD with you wherever you go!!!


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