Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Dear Jane-Block #2 (A-2) One-Two Buckle My Shoe

My Dear Jane,
     Well, I decided to take another break from all my duties and get another block done on your quilt!! I just love this fabric, it is so bright and happy, wonderful for a gloomy kind of day!!!
     I had to do some paper piecing on the flying geese because they were so very small and I couldn't find a formula to use. That is, one that was already figured out. I really didn't want to think too hard on this because I've been having headaches and I don't need to work on a bigger one. So paper piecing worked quite well.
     Don't you just love this fabric??
Simple yet cute!!
Here's the paper pattern with the fabric I chose

And the little paper piecing diagrams!!

OK, now to get back to what I was supposed to be doing this weekend and try to finish it up by tomorrow night. I am going to need some self discipline to stay focused!!! Wish me luck :^)

Until the next block My Dear Jane, take care and Happy Quilting!! Martha

P.S. That goes for all of you too!! Enjoy your weekend :^)


  1. Love it Martha! Speaking of things that you need to get done... Josh heads back to CO Monday feb 25. If anything needs to gout with him, just let me know!

  2. My Dear Martha, While I adore your sweet orange fabric, when I looked at your block from afar, I saw a big white O in the midst of an orange background. Thankfully, no black to be seen or folks might ponder if you've gone over to the other side! hehe ...
    Seriously, this is a beautiful block!

  3. I love your fabric choice for this block. Nice block. Hugs


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