Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Civil War Quilts at work!! University of Oregon Ducks vs Oregon State Beavers

Notice the sign in the background under the Duck quilt??!!! :^)

So my quilt is on the right, the University of Oregon Duck quilt, and my Nurse Manager Gae's quilt is on the left. These quilts were made a year ago. I had given Gae Beaver fabric for her birthday, she then gave me Duck fabric for my birthday and then challenged me to make an authentic civil war quilt. Both patterns used are from the American Civil War!!!

My quilt is still not done even after a year!!! I am close though!!! I still need to quilt on the opposite diagonal and put a binding on it.

I decided to put the applique rose on my quilt because we won the Rose Bowl last January!!!!!!!!

My rose. I looked for Copyright free pics of roses, then enlarged mine and changed it a bit to make is applique friendly.  Here I am tracing the pattern and cutting out the pieces.
Yes, that's my 56 year old hand giving you an idea of how large the rose it!!

All the pieced on the quilt. I did a machine blanket stitch to attach the applique to the quilt.

All pinned and ready for quilting!!

Quilting with my Juki. I must say, I don't enjoy quilting a large quilt on a small machine. It isn't the easiest project to do and can get quite frustrating!!! It also doesn't help that I wait until the last minute to get things done!!!

The rose after being quilted!

My wavy diagonal quilting!

Close up of the rose! I'm pleased with how it turned out.

 Our patients who come to the Samaritan Health Mid Valley Medical Clinic in Lebanon seem to really enjoy viewing the quilts. I have even had some Beaver fans compliment me on my quilt, except for the colors I used!!! hahahahahahahaa

Take care everyone, Happy Quilting, and keep those scissors sharp :^) GO DUCKS!!!!! Martha


  1. The rose came out so beautiful. I hear ya when it comes to quilting large quilts on a sewing machine too as it's not my favorite thing to do.

    I also got a ton of spam when I took off the word verification, but I didn't want to moderate either, so I decided to accept only registered users to make comments. This eliminated the spam. I wrote out my email address in all words (no @ symbol or ".")so if someone who is anonymous wanted to comment or ask something directly they could email me. Spelling the email address out without the symbols is so spammers cannot grab on to it like they do. You might want to try it?

  2. Martha, this is such a spectacular quilt - I do hope you will enter it in a major show. Your creativity is amazing!

  3. I love your Oregon Duck quilt. The Rose was a great touch to it. We hope the Ducks win on Sat. It was hard to see them loss last week. I'm working on my challenge quilt on the quilt machine. I have to quilt a design on each block with several different colors of thread.


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