Friday, November 30, 2012

2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge-November

Talk about waiting until the very last day to get this done!!! And it isn't done yet, I still have the border to do which will be the two inch spirals!!! I am SO VERY THANKFUL to get this done in November :^)

So our teacher for November was Sarah Vedeler. Her tutorial was on spirals,which I need much work on!!! I am so glad that she chose this to teach us because my skills are quite lacking in this area. I decided to add the rows of little circles/pebbles because I am fairly lousy at those also :^) So I am doing the 3 P's, practicepracticepractice!!!

Sarah had us down load a grid to practice on, printed with spirals and then blank ones. It really does help to practice on the paper first. I could tell that my circles were improving the more I did them!! I even put the grid on the wall to refer to when I was actually quilting!

I marked the one inch and two inch grids to make it a little easier. I marked and remarked and then didn't follow the feather section!!!

Back of the quilt, all the straight seams done and just starting on the spirals and pebbles.

Notice the spirals in the feathers? :^)
And a note about the fabric I chose. I hand dyed this years ago. When my husband was still teaching, I would go in to the classroom at the end of the year and teach the kids how to tie dye. We got them all t-shirts and sometimes a piece of fabric to make into a bandana. I brought my dyes out to school and we would have a fabulous day!! The t-shirts had to sit in plastic bags for 2 hours, which gave me time to clean up and play with my own fabric. This is one of the pieces I did while waiting!!
The back of the quilt

close ups

Thank you so much Sarah Vedeler, I appreciate the time you took to teach us this needed skill and I hope to improve in the upcoming months and years.

Thank you to SewCalGal for giving us this opportunity to learn from such wonderful teachers. Amazing. And a year of this. How blessed we are. You are a Gem!!

Take care everyone, Happy Quilting, and keep those scissors sharp!!! Martha


  1. Absolutely beautiful. And I do see the spirals in the feathers. Great job. Wonderful piece to show off your FMQ spirals and spiral feathers. Love it.


    ps - I don't think of myself as a teacher as much as a host. Sarah is the amazing teacher....and I'll follow her anyplace. Have been lucky enough to take two of her FMQ classes and 3 of her machine embroidery classes and I'd still take more in a heart beat. I learn and have fun every time.

  2. REALLY REALLY REALLY like this! I heven't done much with the spirals, but I really like how you separated the rows with the feathers. Great job!


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