Sunday, October 28, 2012

Melted Crayon Workshop with Terrie Kygar

Meet Terrie Kygar and her daughter Kristy!! They were our gracious teachers yesterday during our Melted Crayon Workshop our guild hosted.

Terrie is the author of "Creative Quilts From Your Crayon Box". I highly suggest you purchase this book if you are interested in learning her art form!! I bought mine today :^) You can find it on and at Grandma's attic in Dallas, Oregon.
We had 8 participants from the Santiam Scrappers Quilt Guild participating today starting at 10:00am and going until 3 pm. The day went by so fast as we were having a fabulous time!!!

For more photos of this workshop, check out Megan's blog at

So this is how our day went:

We started with setting up our areas and then jumping right in designing a pear with melted crayons.
start with your basic pear shape on fused fabric

heat surface-non stick pressing sheet and pear

apply color-melted crayon

shade with more melted crayon
my pear in the works

class pears done!!
Then on to designing a leaf!!
adding color

adding shading with a pencil

Megan and Ginger busy working on their projects
                  Now I am going to show you some of Terrie's quilts that she brought for us to enjoy!!

This one is the cover for her book!!!

Now on to the flowers!! These were fun and I love all the different flowers that were created by our group!!
getting ready to apply more color

adding some shading to the center of the flower

And done!! Gorgeous!!!

                                                      This is the progression of my flower!!

and done!!

                                      And now lets see what the others were doing with their flowers :^)




Jean had already taken the class, so she is working on another melted crayon quilt project!!




            Now we are on to a hummingbird!! WOW!! I cannot believe all that we learned in one day!!
beginning with the first color
applying more color
now coloring in the beak
So this is what I started with on my hummingbird
and done!! :^)

                                                Here are the class projects done!! Amazing!!

And lastly, we learned how to make another kind of flower! Lots of potential design with this one using layered petals!!

a partial flower, but beautiful!!

and here are my results of a really fun day designing with melted crayons.

Thank-you to Terrie and Kristy!! We had such fun with your technique and I am planning on doing much more with it!!! I highly recommend this workshop and/or book to everyone who wants to learn a new and fun way to design or embellish quilts!!

Take care everyone, Happy Quilting, and keep those scissors sharp!!! Martha


  1. Lots of inspiration here! I've got that book on my Amazon wish-list now.

  2. The class looks like alot of fun and interesting. I'm sorry I missed it. We didn't go the coast because I didn't feel good and the weather. Keep me in mind for any other workshops. I love to learn new things.

  3. Love the melted crayons. I was in Houston, Texas this weekend for Quilt Market and was looking for ideas for Girl Scouts along with new things for my shop and this would really be great for both. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I looks like such fun! I found you through a link from Annie Oak Designs.

  5. This is amazing. I never thought to use crayons in this way. I stumbled upon this looking for an inspired art idea to put in these leather picture frames I bought my friends for Christmas, and this is perfect. Thank you for the inspiration and the idea.

  6. Just bought this book a couple of weeks ago and am loving it! I just started a project and love how it looks


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