Saturday, September 8, 2012

Transforming the family room: here I begin

I am planning on moving my sewing/quilting room to the family room. So all of this will be moved, the walls painted, shelves will be put up and chaos shall ensue!!! Seriously!!! This is going to be a job, but so rewarding when done.
The toys will go in the bedroom that is going to be freed up by the move. Cooper will now have his own bedroom when he is here with Nana and Papa!!

The book shelves and television will also be moved on out!!

The dead heads will be moved, one into the living room and the other to another corner of this room

Clutter everywhere!!! WOW!!

No more dart board once the "studio" is  started and done!!

The color is going also. I have chosen a color called sunbaked clay. I will post pictures once the paint is on the wall. I want a warm, comforting color to work in!!
I let Cooper, my 3 year old grandson, help me put the hole filler on the wall. He had a lot of fun doing that and I now have filler where there are no holes!!! But that is OK, I can easily wash this stuff off and he had a blast doing it!!!

Stay tuned for updates on the transformation!!!

Take care friends, Happy Quilting and enjoy the Day!!! Martha  (and GO DUCKS!!!)- it's game day :^)

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  1. It sounds like you need a bigger room for quilting. Are you going to get a bigger machine? Have fun decorating and painting it. I love to paint.


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