Sunday, September 30, 2012

AQS Modern Mystery Quilt-Part 2

I finally got Part 2 done of the Mystery Quilt!! I was beginning to worry that I would get way behind, but here it is, #30 inset semi-circles!!! Finished the last 9 this am.

Here's the link to Part 2,

I've never sewn inset circles so this was a great lesson on a new technique.

I copied the pattern onto freezer paper using my printer. I made three copies for both the background and the semi-circle. I was able to use those templates over and over again with no problem!!!

I am using the same fabrics as used for the rectangles in Part 1 with the addition of the background fabric which I chose to be a gray, I think it's called Suede Gray.
It took me awhile to start the sewing as it did intimidate me a bit, ridiculous really. Once I got going on it I learned how easy it really is!! Just have to take your time with it is all.

Fold the semi-circle in half and finger press, then fold in quarters and finger press
Do the same with the background as you did with the semi-circle
Start with pinning the centers
Next you will pin the beginning and the end
Match the finger pressed creases
Pinned right on the crease line!!

 All pinned and ready to sew. You just have to worry about one section at a time!!
I sewed with a scant 1/4 " seam
You will be easing in the fullness, do not stretch the fabric. It worked best for me to make sure the semi-circle on the bottom was flat on the sewing surface.

Notice that the circle underneath is flat

I then eased the background top fabric to the edge of the sem-circle
All sewn and no tucks sewn in!! Now it is time to clip the background fabric. The instructions are to press the seam open which is easier done with the fabric clipped.
Clipped and pressed
Done and looking good!!!
So far this has been educational and fun!! I have no idea what this quilt is going to look like except for the fact that it will be very bright!!! FUN

Happy Quilting everyone, take care, and keep those scissors sharp!!! Martha


  1. Very interesting design. Makes me think of various moons. I think you are on to something special. I hope you continue to pursue exploring this technique as I think it has a endless possibilities. Still, I truly love seeing what you created. Beautiful.


  2. Ohhhhhhh, how many ways can I say ohhhhhH? I love your circles. Looks like I am going to have to jump in myself and take part in this one!! Thanks for showing us your circles. They are fabulous!


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