Sunday, August 19, 2012

Quilt idea and what I have been doing lately!!!

Recently my husband and I went on a road trip to Enterprise Oregon. On the way home we passed this very cool barn outside of Fossil Oregon. I try to have my camera and phone ready to snap a picture if something catches my eye while traveling and this did!!! I love old barns and this one would make a fabulous quilt-someday! :^)

So lately I have not been doing much on my blog because so much of what I am doing is secret!! Several months ago I took up a challenge to test quilt blocks for Quiltmaker Magazine. One of my friends who has had a block accepted for their publication, 100 Blocks Volume 5, let us know on Facebook that they were looking for more block testers for the next publication-Volume 6. I applied and they accepted and I have been very busy since that time. I also accepted the challenge to make a quilt from one of the blocks that I tested. They gave us fabric to work with and we could choose what ever block we wanted.

I decided to make it really hard on myself and chose a line of fabric that was totally out of my comfort zone!!! Well, only one block that I have tested so far will work with this fabric and the quilt is due at the end of August. Completely done, quilted, and to arrive in Colorado at the end of this month!!! I am working on the borders now and will hopefully get it layered and pinned tonight. Then I will have one full week of machine quilting to do while working full time.

Sometimes I do wonder why I torture myself so intensely!!

I still have one more block to test for them and I am hoping that will be it. Today I must get that done also!!!

Once the publication becomes public, I will be able to share all the work I have been doing!!!

So until later, Happy Quilting, wish me luck!!, Take Care, and keep those needles sharp!! Martha


  1. I try to have my camera ready but we usually pass it by by the time I have the camera up and going.

    Oh...I would love to test patterns...what fun for you.

  2. Sounds like so much fun, but also a lot of work. I'd love to test patterns - in a year when I'm not (self) committed to finishing a quilt for everyone of the grandchildren for their Christmas gifts! Good luck, and looking forward to seeing your finished project(s)!

  3. Wow what a challegening project which sounds like fun. I know that you will get it done. I will be looking forward to seeing your quilts and blocks.


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