Sunday, March 4, 2012

Help needed to find stolen quilts and quilting items

This is a post from SewCalGal, one of the blogs that I follow that concerns stolen quilting items from Patsy Thompson. The more people who read about this and see her quilts the greater the possibility that these items will be recovered!! Thanks for reading!!


Special Announcement

I was originally planning to post a reminder that today is the last day to submit nominations for the 2012 Golden Quilters Award, which is a great way to recognize those that make our world of quilting so wonderful.  While I still hope you take time to submit your nominations, I have some news that I think is more important to increase awareness of today.

When quilting items are stolen I feel as if foul words were spray painted on our quilting home, making it less of a home where good things of creativity and fun happen.  These things break my heart, even when they do not happen to me personally.  As such, my heart is very heavy tonight as I've learned that one of us has been violated.

Patsy Thompson posted about her car being broken into, while she was traveling in Corbin, Kentucky on February 29, 2012. 

This theft resulted in missing quilts, quilt tops, machines and other items.  I hope we can all do our part to keep an eye out for these missing items, as well as to help increase awareness.  Maybe, with luck and everyone's help, these missing items can be found and returned to Patsy.

You can read more about this situation on Patsy’s March 3, 2012 blog at
If you can help with the recovery of these quilts, please contact Patsy at

Possibly quilters in the Corbin, Kentucky area can help with visiting thrift shops and posting flyers at shelters, quilt shops, quilt guilds and more.  What ever it takes, let's rally and try to recover these items for Patsy.  Help increase awareness and keep an eye out for these missing items.

This theft has also been reported to the police and to Lost, but your help can make a difference.  

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  1. Thanks Martha for helping to increase awareness of Patsy's missing quilts and other items.

    On another note, I tried to email reply to your comment on my blog. I believe your settings are at the default level, whereby you appear in what is commonly called a no reply blogger. On the page of my blog labeled giveaways there are links (see wanted) where you can find tips to change your settings, but let me know if you need help.



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