Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Urban Nine Patch-one block done!!

A few weeks ago I saw a posting on another blog, I think it was on the Green Fairy blog, about joining the Urban Nine Patch Quilt Along. It looked like an awesome design, something fun to learn, and very different from anything I had ever tried.
I checked out the site, Sew Kind of Wonderful by Jenny Pedigo, and bought her Quick Curve Ruler in preparation for this online class.

Here is the actual address for the tutorial for the block:

She discussed picking out our fabrics for this project and these are the choices I ended up with!!

 What really helped with the piecing of this block was Jenny's video on the sewing of the curves. She made it look so easy, and it turned out to be so!!! 

Here are all the parts laid out and ready to sew. The bottom curved section has been sewn in this picture.

Once I got the center nine patch, the curved sides, and the corners done, I could see that the block could be laid out two different ways.
Isn't it amazing how different the blocks look by simply flipping the outer pieces!!!

Here is the final block again with the printed tutorial next to it. You can see a photo of Jenny's finished block!! I had to print out the tutorial so I could follow the instructions page by page. Her outline was very easy to understand!! Thanks Jenny!! I have eight more blocks to make for this quilt and when it is done, I will share it here!!

Take care and thanks for visiting!! Keep those needles sharp!! Martha


  1. Of course you can blog about it!! This is a fantastic post and your pictures and use of the ruler are outstanding!! Thanks so much for this...I LOVE YOUR BLOCK!!

    1. Thanks Jenny!! I love your ruler and now I am getting more ideas for some new quilts using it!!

  2. Your block looks great, love the colours too.

    I love the idea of a quick ruler. I must look for it here in Aus.

    1. Thanks for visiting Rashida! The ruler is fun to use and the blocks are so fun!!


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