Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jack's Quilt

A few years ago, one of our best friends was expecting a grandson. My husband wanted me to make a quilt for the little person soon to be known as Jack.
This is his quilt.
I found out what colors the nursery was to be and decided on a simple triple Irish Chain. I didn't want to do a baby quilt, so decided on one that would grow with him. Most boys love things that have motors and go, so I thought that the four modes of transportation,  land, water, air, and of course, MOTORCYCLES would be the focus!!! (Jack's grandpa and daddy both ride Harley Davidsons!!)

I put Jack's statistics on each applique.I also machine appliqued so it would stand up to a little boy!!! Here's his weight.

We Love Nascar, so I had to put a race car in of course!!! Jack was born in 2008. Love the flames!!!

Here's the time and date of his birth :^)  You may have noticed a continuing theme of yellow and green. We are University of Oregon Duck fans and so is Jack's daddy. So what better colors to use than the ducks? I cannot think of any other suitable colors myself!!!

And the most important mode of transportation in his family, a replica of Jack's daddy's Harley Davidson motorcycle!! His length is on the bike.
This was a really fun baby quilt to make and a very special little boy. I know he will enjoy it for years to come!!
Take care everyone and keep those needles sharp :^) Martha


  1. What a cute baby quilt. It will be a special to him. It was great you put in his birthday etc in each picture.

  2. Awesome job will you post pattern for motorcycle? Momasitacassidy@yahoo.com

    1. WOW!! I hadn't thought about making a pattern for the motorcycle. I'm not even sure if I still have the sketch on it!!! Not a bad idea, I will look to see what I can find and let you know!!! Great idea actually :^)


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