Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Civil War Cot Quilts-The Ducks VS The Beavers

In September, my boss, Gae, gave me a gift of University of Oregon Duck fabrics to make a quilt with. A week later, I gave her a gift of Oregon State Beaver fabrics so she could do the same. She then challenged me to make a Civil War cot quilt, using the patterns from the American Civil War.
After doing a bit of research, we learned about the US Sanitary Commission and their work during the Civil War in 1863. They put a request out to the women of the United States to make cot size quilts for the soldiers. The estimated number made was between 150,000-250,000 and out of that number only 4 are known to have survived.
So here are two "Civil War" quilts made from the patterns used by the women during the American Civil War. This civil war is between the U of O Ducks from Eugene Oregon and the OSU Beavers from Corvallis Oregon. My quilt is on the right!!! The beautiful green and yellow.
We have the two quilts hanging in the medical office where we both work! The patients are really enjoying them!


  1. I'm beginning to understand why my son sent me a link to a quilting blog. He is a Duck fan and I'm sure this was how he stumbled into a quilt blog. Like both of the quilts but I am partial to green and yellow.

  2. That is so awesome!! Tell your son thank-you and thanks to you for checking out my quilting blog!!


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