Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cheater Quilt

Yes, this is a cheater quilt. It is actually printed and not appliqued and I really like it!! I bought the panel for 25 cents at our guilds fabric yard sale last year. You may be wondering why I would do that? Well, it's simple. Sometimes I am in the mood to work on my machine quilting skills, I don't want to do a practice block, but I don't have any quilts ready to quilt. This little panel was the perfect solution. I washed and dryed it, layered and pinned it, and soon I was ready to work on my quilting. If you hang it up high enough you cannot tell that it is a cheater quilt!!!

One of my favorite machine quilters is Diane Gaudynski, and she suggests to quilt on pieces that you care about. I think she suggested that you do your best work on a quilt that you will be using rather than on a practice block. I agree and that is why I purchased and quilted this little "cheater" block

I quilted this little piece as though it was an appliqued quilt. You have to look really close to see that it is not!!! It now resides in my living room!!
Happy Quilting!!!

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